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Intermediate-range ballistic missile

DF-26 missile

The DF-26 has a range of around 3 000 - 4 000 km and can target the US military bases in Guam

Entered service ?
Crew 5 men (?)
Dimensions and weight
Weight ?
Length ?
Width ?
Height ?
Missile length ~ 14 m
Missile diameter ~ 1.4 m
Missile launch weight ~ 20 t
Warhead weight 1.2 ~ 1.8 t
Warhead type Nuclear and possibly conventional
Range of fire 3 000 ~ 4 000 km
Engine Deutz diesel (?)
Engine power 217 hp (?)
Maximum road speed 65 km/h
Range ~ 800 km


   The DF-26 is a Chinese intermediate-range ballistic missile. It is based on the earlier DF-21 , but has a longer range. Existence of this missile was revealed in 2014. The DF-26 was first publicly revealed in 2015. It appears to be in operational service for several years. This missile is in service with Second Artillery Corps, that are de facto strategic missile forces of the Chinese army.

   Chinese sources claim that currently the DF-26 is the most advanced intermediate-range ballistic missile in the world. It is worth noting that the United States and Russia can not develop missiles of this class due to the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, that was signed back in 1987. The only other comparable missile is the Indian Agni V. Chinese sources claim that the DF-26 is superior to the Agni V.

   The DF-26 is a two-stage solid-fuel missile. Its estimated range is around 3 000 - 4 000 km. Other sources suggest that its maximum range is in excess of 5 000 km. It is believed that the DF-26 can carry payload of 1 200 to 1 800 kg. This missile is fitted with a nuclear warhead.

   It is likely that this missile has internal navigation system with indigenous Chinese BeiDou satellite navigation system. It should have an accuracy of less than 100 m. Possibly less than 10 m.

   Mobile launcher of the DF-26 is based on Taian HTF5680A1 12x12 special wheeled chassis. It is produced by Taian Special Vehicle company. Vehicle has some degree of cross-country mobility. However normally it is intended to operate on hard surface roads.

   Vehicle has a four-door cab that accommodates driver and 5 passengers.

   Most likely that the TEL vehicle is powered by a Deutz turbocharged diesel engine, developing 517 hp. This engine is license-produced in China.

   Chinese sources report, that the DF-26 also has an anti-ship variant with conventional warhead. It is intended to attack ships at sea, such as aircraft carriers or destroyers. If it is true, such missile could target the US Navy ships out to Guam.

   It is worth noting that the US military took action to counter the threat posed by the new Chinese DF-26 missiles. The US is upgrading its Arleigh Burke class destroyers to modernize their AEGIS hardware and software. This missile defense system is designed to knock-out incoming ballistic missiles in space. Also the THAAD anti-ballistic missile system has been delivered to Guam.

DF-26 missile

DF-26 missile

DF-26 missile

DF-26 missile

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