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Anti-tank guided missile


The Serbian Bumbar is likely to be a reversed-engineered version of the Eryx

Entered service 2012
Armor penetration over 1 000 mm behind ERA
Range up to 600 m
Missile length 900 mm
Missile diameter 136 mm
Missile weight 10 kg
Weight with launcher ~ 20 kg
Warhead type Tandem HEAT
Guidance Wire-guided


   The Bumbar (bumblebee) is a Serbian anti-tank guided missile. It was developed by Military Technical Institute. Development commenced somewhere in 2005. General design of the Bumbar is similar to the French/Canadian Eryx anti-tank missile. It is worth noting that Eryx was never supplied to Serbia or the former Yugoslavia. So Bumbar is most likely to be a reversed-engineered version of the Eryx. This anti-tank guided missile was adopted by Serbian army in 2012. However it is fielded in small numbers. Some sources report that as of 2015 only 12 launcher units with 100 missiles were delivered.

   The Bumbar can be used as a man-portable weapon, or mounted on various vehicles. It is a cost effective anti-tank weapon that is intended to be used by forward infantry and special forces.

   The Bumbar is a wire-guided missile. The missile can be shoulder-launcher, or launched from a tripod. Total weight of this anti-tank guided missile with tripod is 18 kg. Missile itself weights 10 kg. The launcher unit can be used multiple times. During the flight missile is maneuvered by a thrust vectoring system. In flight course correction commands are transferred from the launcher unit by wire, which is unspooled as the missile flies. The gunner only has to maintain the sight of the target.

   The Bumbar has a relatively short range of up to 600 m. Minimum range of fire is 60 m. Some sources report that a new version of this missile with a 1 000 m range is being developed. The Bumbar has a tandem HEAT warhead. It is claimed that this missile penetrates over 1 000 mm of rolled homogenous armor behind ERA. This missile can be also used against bunkers, buildings or field fortifications. Also it can target low-flying helicopters.

   The Bumbar ATGM has a soft-launch capability. The main engine turns on only when the missile is at a safe distance away from the operator. This feature makes it suitable for use in urban environment and closed areas, such as buildings, without any risk for the gunner.

   This anti-tank guided missile has a night firing capability.




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