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Buk M2E

Medium-range air defense missile system

Buk M2E

The Buk M2E air defense system is an export version of the Buk M2

Entered service ?
Crew 4 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight ~ 34 t
Length 9.3 m
Width 3.25 m
Height 3.8 m
Missile length 5.5 m
Missile diameter 0.86 m
Missile weight 710 kg
Warhead weight 70 kg
Warhead type HE-FRAG
Range of fire 45 km
Altitude of fire 25 km
Number of missiles 4
Engine diesel
Engine power 840 hp (?)
Maximum road speed 65 km/h
Range 500 km


   The Buk M2E (beech) is a revised export version of the Buk M2. It was introduced in 2004. It is known in the West as SA-17 Grizzly. This air defense system is available on tracked or wheeled chassis. A version of this air defense system has been exported to Venezuela.

   This air defense system can engage tactical and strategic aircraft, helicopters, short-range ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, air-launched missiles, anti-radiation missiles, guided bombs and other aerodynamic vehicles. It is claimed that this air defense system has advanced hardware and can operate in heavy enemy jamming conditions.

   A Buk M2E TELAR vehicle is fitted with radar, digital computer, missile erector and launcher, friend or foe identification system. It is operated by a crew of 4 and carries 4 missiles.

   The Buk M2E surface-to-air missile system uses an 9M317 solid fuel missile. This missile was first used on older Buk M1-2, that was adopted by the Russian armed forces in 1998. This missile has a maximum range of 45 km and altitude of 25 km against aircraft. It can engage tactical ballistic missiles or cruise missiles at a maximum range of 20 km. Minimum range of fire is 3 km and minimum altitude is 15 meters. The missile has a 70 kg high-explosive fragmentation warhead. Kill probability of a ballistic missile with a single missile is 60-70%. Kill probability of a helicopter with a single missile is 90-95%. In case of emergency missiles can be launched against contrast surface targets, such as ships.

   Radar of the Buk M2E TERAL searches for targets, tracks them and guides missiles on them. The system has a third generation phased array fire control radar, that can track up to 24 targets and engage 4 targets simultaneously.

   The Buk M2E TELAR is based on a GM-569 special tracked chassis. Vehicle is powered by a diesel engine. It seems that it develops 840 hp. Export version of this system is based on a 6x6 wheeled chassis. It takes 5 minutes to prepare vehicle for launch from traveling. The TELAR can operate continuously without refueling for 24 hours.

   Normally the Buk M2E TELAR operates as part of an air defense unit. A battery of 6 TELARs is controlled by the Polyana-D4M1 automated control system. There is also a command post vehicle, detection and target designation radar. There are also 12 reloading vehicles. However if required each TELAR vehicle can operate autonomously.

   Reloading vehicle of the Buk M2E is fitted with a crane and carries 8 missiles. Essentially it is a combination of the TEL and reloading vehicle. Reloading vehicle lacks radar, but has a unique capability to launch missiles itself. It acquires firing data from the Buk M2E TELAR vehicle. Reloading of the TELAR takes 12 minutes.




   Buk M2EK is an export version. It uses a Belarusian MZKT-6922 6x6 wheeled chassis instead of the tracked. This air defense system has been exported to Venezuela. It seems that it was adopted in 2012;

   Raad, Iranian wheeled air defense system, using Taer 2 missiles. It has similar layout to the Buk-M2EK. It was first publicly revealed in 2012.

Buk M2E

Buk M2EK

Buk M2EK

Buk M2EK

Buk M2EK reloading vehicle

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