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Anti-ballistic missile system

Abakan air defense system

The Abakan could be a downgraded export version of the new Russia's S-500

Country of origin Russia
Entered service ?
Crew 2
Dimensions and weight
Weight 53.5 t
Length ~ 14.5 m
Width ~ 3 m
Height ~ 3 m
Missile length ?
Missile diameter ?
Fin span ?
Missile weight ?
Warhead weight ?
Warhead type ?
Range of fire 30 km
Altitude of fire 25 km
Engine diesel
Engine power 550 hp
Maximum road speed 60 km/h
Range 500 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 30%
Vertical step ~ 0.6 m
Trench ~ 2 m
Fording 1.7 m


   In 2020 a new 98R6E Abakan anti-ballistic missile system was publicly revealed in Russia. Letter "E" in the designation suggests that it was specially developed for export. Judging by its appearance it could be a downgraded export version of the S-500 anti-ballistic missile system. The Abakan was designed to engage tactical and short-range ballistic missiles. Its main role is to protect strategic assists against ballistic missiles.

   The 51P6E2 launcher vehicle is based on a BAZ-69096 series trucks with 10x10 configuration. It carries 2 missiles.

   The Abakan uses 9M82MDE missiles. These can reach targets at a range of up to 30 km and at an altitude of up to 25 km. It is effective against tactical and short-range ballistic missiles. However developers claim that the Abakan was never designed to provide protection against intercontinental ballistic missiles.

   The second missile can be launched with an interval of 2 seconds after the first one. Both missiles can be launched at the same target.

   This system has a brief reaction time. It takes 6 minutes from traveling to prepare the launcher vehicle for firing. Also it takes another 6 minutes to leave the firing position.

   The launcher vehicle is operated by a crew of 2.

   Vehicle is powered by a diesel engine, developing 550 hp. It is highly mobile and can operate off road. The launcher vehicle is fitted with a gas turbine auxiliary power unit. It powers all systems when the main engine is turned off.

   A battery includes 2 launcher vehicles and engagement radar, based on the MZKT-7930 chassis. This anti-ballistic missile system can be integrated into the existing air defense network.




   S-500 is a new long-range air defense and anti-ballistic missile system. Its development commenced back in 2002.  It is a more capable system, developed for the Russian military. This system is also referred as the Prometey (Prometheus) and Triumfator-M. It is believed that the S-500 uses a similar BAZ 8x8 chassis, but can carry more different and more capable missiles. It can reach targets such as AWACS aircraft at a range of 500-600 km and at an altitude of around 40 km. Production of the S-500 reportedly commenced in 2017.


Abakan air defense system

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Abakan air defense system

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