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6 Must Have Upgrades for Your Glock Pistol


   Anyone who owns a Glock will know just how good they are. Not only are they lightweight and easy to use, but they can also be converted or upgraded to make them even better. Lots of us like the idea of upgrading the things we own. Whether that’s upgrading our mobile phones or converting our pistol into a rifle, there are lots of options available to us. If you own a Glock and you want to learn more about some of the must have upgrades for your firearm then keep reading below:


   1. Glock Conversion Kits


   A brilliant way to upgrade your Glock firearm is to purchase one of these Glock conversion kits from CAA Gear Up. These kits allow you to change your basic firearm into a rifle-like machine. Conversion kits will not only help you to improve your aim and accuracy, but they can also help to improve the performance and balance of the gun.


   2. Glock Trigger Upgrade


   If you’re not happy with the way your Glock trigger is performing, then why not change it for something that works better? Replacing the three main springs in your firearm – firing pin safety spring, trigger spring and the striker spring – to better versions will make pulling the trigger easier and smoother. While you’re replacing these three springs, you should also consider replacing the magazine springs. This will help to make your whole pistol perform better.


   3. Change the Barrel


   If you want your Glock gun to fire lead bullets, then you’ll need to replace the barrel. Trying to shoot lead bullets through a polymer rifling can cause the barrel to become clogged. If you want the option of firing lead bullets, then you should consider replacing the barrel with a match grade quality barrel.


   4. Extended Slide Release


   While most of us wouldn’t be without our Glocks, let's face it, the slide release on them could be improved. The slide release that comes with your Glock firearm is nothing more than a piece of metal glued to the release lever. If you want to upgrade your Glock, replacing your slide release is a brilliant idea. There are lots of options available to you depending on your taste. This type of upgrade is definitely worth the money.


   5. Tactical Rear Sight Replacement


   If you're planning on using your Glock regularly, upgrading the rear sight to a more classic three dot configuration is a great idea. When it comes to rear-sight configuration, there are a number of options available to you including fiber optic and tritium night.


   6. The Grip


   There’s nothing worse than using a gun that has no or poor grip. While the grip on Glock firearms isn’t bad, there are a few areas it could be improved. Grip enhancers, extenders, slip-on handalls and even grip-tape is sold to improve your basic pistol.

   There are so many different upgrade possibilities when it comes to Glocks that it’s often hard to know where to begin. From purchasing a Glock conversion kit to improving the grip there are a number of options available to you. Why not try some of our suggestions and see how you get on?












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