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3 Things You Should Never Bring on an Airplane

3 things you should never bring on an airplane

There are things that you should avoid taking on an airplane


   Security in airports is stronger than ever. And there are airport security checks with more stringent and strict rules with so much tension and terrorism going on in the world.

   It can be a real pain in the neck to go through customs at an airport, and you’re only going to make matters worse if you attempt to bring the wrong things on an airplane when entering a new country or coming back into the US.

   In fact, customs officers are going to check through all of your belongings with a fine tooth comb to prevent you from bringing dangerous items with you on an airplane.

   With that said, pay attention to important air travel tips that tell you what you shouldn’t bring on an airplane. By following this guide, you’ll avoid unnecessary aggravation and your trip will indeed go smoothly.


   #1: Avoid Bringing Lighters and Flammable Liquids on an Airplane


   This should almost go without saying, but people occasionally forget about this particular piece of advice and accidentally throw lighters and lighter fluid into their carry-on luggage.

   And smokers, unfortunately, keep cigarette lighters and other flammable materials in their pocket almost at all times.

   Getting caught with a lighter or lighter fluid in your pocket might not create the most serious or dire consequences, but it’s certainly going to slow up the airplane boarding process for you and everyone else.

   If you do end up getting caught with a lighter or other flammable liquid, you may be asked to discard the offending items, and this will more than likely be the biggest negative consequence you face.

   As you can imagine, customs officials do not like it when people waste their time. So take the time to thoroughly look through your carry-on luggage and check your pockets inside and out.

   If you have flammable materials on you – i.e. matches, lighters, and lighter fluid – you should put them in your other luggage or discard them before attempting to get on the airplane.


   #2: Avoid Bringing Sharp Metal Objects on an Airplane


   Again, this probably seems obvious to most, but you’d be surprised how many people unintentionally forget about this rule.

   Remember, since 9/11 and other devastating terrorist attacks all around the world, airport security is heightened all over the place.

   Customs officers will thoroughly check you for sharp metal objects.

   If they even catch you with a nail clipper or nail file in your possession, they are going to confiscate it because it’s technically a prohibited item that doesn’t belong on an airplane.

   So, take some time to thoroughly look through your carry-on luggage and your pockets before attempting to board a plane.

   Remove sharp metal objects from your carry-on luggage and pockets and add them to your regular luggage instead.


   #3: Avoid Bringing Large Bottles Filled with Liquid or Gel on an Airplane



   Unfortunately, a terrorist was caught attempting to ignite a liquid bomb on an airplane at one point in recent history.

   Since then, a new rule has been put in place prohibiting passengers from carrying large bottles of gels and liquids onto a plane.

   If you’re taking a commercial airline flight and must carry liquids or gels on the plane, you can have no more than 3 ounces (88 ml) on your person.

   If you’re taking a private airplane that you own or lease, the rules are going to be less strict obviously. So talk to the captain to find out about the rules and regulations for private airplanes.

   According to AERO, proprietor of airplane ignition switches, they believe following the rules leads to a happier, safer, more exciting flying experience for everyone.













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