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Mil Mi-14 Haze

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Mil Mi-14 Haze helicopter

The boat hull of the Mil Mi-14 Haze allows operations in Sea States 3-4

Mil Mi-14PL 'Haze-A'
Entered service 1975
Crew 2 - 3 men
Dimensions and weight
Length 25.23 m
Main rotor diameter 21.29 m
Height 6.93 m
Weight (empty) 8.9 t
Weight (maximum take off) 14 t
Engines and performance
Engines 2 x TV3-117A / TV3-117MT turboshaft engines
Engine power 2 x 1 700 / 1 923 hp
Maximum speed 230 km/h
Service ceiling 4 km
Range 925 km
Torpedoes 1 x AT-1 or APR-2
Bombs 1 x nuclear depth bomb or 8 x depth charges in place of torpedoes


   In order to produce a replacement for a large numbers of Mi-4 Hounds in Soviet naval service, a version of the Mi-8 Hip with a boat-like hull was developed as the Mi-14 Haze. The prototype of the series, designated V-14, flew for the first time in 1973, to be followed by the initial production Mi-14PL Haze-A anti-submarine warfare helicopter. It was adopted in 1975. Production of the Mi-14 ceased in 1986. However in 2015 it was announced that there are plans to restart production of this amphibious helicopter.

   Improvements incorporated during production included more powerful engines and the switching of the tail rotor from the starboard to the port side for increased controllability. The Mi-14 can land and taxi on water. It can also take off from water.

   The Mi-14PLM (Haze-A) helicopter has revised equipment which includes a repositioned MAD system.

   From 1983, trials were carried out with the Mi-14BT Haze-B minesweeper. The helicopter has various airframe changes for its role and as primary equipment uses a towed mine sled. Although Mi-14BTs have been used on international mine-clearing operations, few were built. Russian forces prefer to use surface minesweepers, while some of the six Mi-14BTs delivered to East Germany passed to the Luftwaffe as SAR helicopter, before emerging as civilian water bombers.

   The final production Haze variant was the Mi-14PS (Haze-C) SAR helicopter. Built primarily for the Russian naval aviation, The Mi-14PS was also exported to Poland. Polish designation of this helicopter is Mi-14PW.

   A few non-standard Mi-14 versions and designations have also appeared. Mi-14PL Strike was a variant proposed for attack missions with Kh-23 Gnom (AS-7 Kerry) anti-ship missiles. The Mi-14PX is one Polish Mi-14PL stripped of ASW gear and used for SAR training. Other Mi-14s have been converted for civilian use.


Mi-14 Haze helicopter

Mi-14 Haze helicopter

Mi-14 Haze helicopter

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