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Mil Mi-38

Medium utility helicopter


The Mi-38 helicopter is a new generation of the legendary Mi-8

Entered service Expected in 2015
Crew 1/2 men
Dimensions and weight
Length 25.22 m
Main rotor diameter 21.1 m
Height 5.56 m
Weight (empty) 8.3 t
Weight (maximum take off) 15.6 t
Engines and performance
Engines 2 x Pratt & Whitney 127T/S turboshaft engines
Engine power 2 x 2 500 shp
Maximum speed 285 km/h
Cruising speed 275 km/h
Service ceiling 5.2 km
Range 885 km
Passengers 32 men
Internal payload 5 t
External payload 7 t


   The Mi-38 is a new multi-purpose medium lift helicopter. It is being proposed as a replacement for the ageing aged Mi-8 and Mi-17 helicopters. Though these ageing machines served excellently and over 15 000 of them have been produced. The Mi-38 is a new generation of Mi-8.

   In the early development stages the Mi-38 helicopter was seen as a deep modernization of the Mi-8. However the helicopter appeared a totally new design, due to absolutely new airframe, modern Thales avionics suite and Pratt and Whitney engines. It is unlikely though that Canadian engines will be used on production machine due to sanctions imposed on Russia. The helicopter can also be equipped with Russian Klimov TV7-117V engines, developing 2 800 shp. It has fiber glass blades and X-shaped balance rear rotor. The frame is made entirely from composite materials. Rotor system of the Mi-38 have been tested on Mi-8 helicopters and appeared extremely effective. It increased payload capacity by additional 1 000 kg over the Mi-8. The new helicopter has more lifting power. The Mi-38 helicopter made its maiden flight in 2003. First test flights were conducted at Kazan helicopter facility.

   The Mi-38 is operated by a crew of two. For cargo transportation it can be flown by a single pilot. The second pilot is required only for passenger transportation. The cabin can be configured to transport cargo, passengers, or both. It can carry 32 passengers or 16 stretchers. This helicopter can carry 5 000 kg of cargo internally or 7 000 kg externally. According to project manager the new helicopter exceeds its predecessor two times by its performance.

   This helicopter can operate in various climatic conditions, ranging from -60 to +50C.

   The Mi-38 was publicly revealed in 2011 at Russian MAKS air show, where it conducted demonstrational flight. This helicopter is being offered both to military and civil customers.

   Mass production of this helicopter was planned to begin in 2015. Various versions of the Mi-38 will be designed for different missions. Equipment may be fitted for emergency landing on water. Also it can be adopted as an ambulance, or VIP transport.


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