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Boeing Helicopters CH-47 Chinook

Medium transport helicopter

CH-47 Chinook helicopter

Over 1 160 CH-47 Chinook medium transport helicopters of all versions have been built

Entered service 1962
Crew 2 - 4 men
Dimensions and weight
Length 15.54 m
Main rotor diameter 18.29 m
Height 5.77 m
Weight (empty) 10.1 t
Weight (maximum take off) 22.6 t
Engines and performance
Engines 2 x Textron Lycoming T55-L-712 turboshafts
Engine power 2 x 3 750 hp
Maximum cruising speed 256 km/h
Combat radius 56 - 185 km with maximum internal and external payload
Passengers 44 men
Maximum payload 10.3 t of cargo
Machine guns provision for two door-mounted 7.62-mm machine guns or Miniguns

   Though the US Army was initially interested in the Vertol 107 (which became the CH-46 Sea Knight), in 1959 it finally picked a much bigger project, under development since 1956. The prototype Boeing Vertol Model 114 Chinook flew on 21 September 1961, and since then over 1 160 have been built, including 136 from Agusta (Meridionali) in Italy and 54 by Kawasaki in Japan (CH-47J).

   The original CH-47A reached the US Army in December 1962, and Vertol built 349 before delivering 108 CH-47Bs with more powerful engines, followed by 233 CH-47Cs with 3 750-shp (2798-ekW) engines, increased fuel and, as a retrofit, glass fibre blades and blade-inspection systems.

   Boeing and Meridionali have sold Chinooks all over the world, export models including the Canadian CH-147 and RAF Chinook HC.Mk 1. The HC.Mk 1 was delivered with two cargo hooks, one rated at 9 000 kg and the other at 11 300 kg, and comprehensive nav/com avionics.

   Between 1982 and 1998 over 480 of the US Army's Chinooks were remanufactured to CH-47D standard with greatly enhanced capability; the RAF has also upgraded 32 of its surviving Chinooks to this standard as Chinook HC.Mk 2s and also received a further eight new-build HC.Mk 2s, as well as nine HC.Mk 3s, which are similar to the US Army's MH-47E special missions helicopter. The MH-47 is fitted with terrain-following radar, additional fuel tanks, in- flight refueling probe and a number of defensive modifications for operation behind enemy lines. Other nations operating Chinook in CH-47D International Chinook and CH-47SD Super D forms for export.

   The CH-47F is the latest version. Existing CH-47D helicopters can be upgraded to this standard, or these can be newly produced. This version can carry up to 55 passengers. The CH-47F is used by the US Army and has been exported to some countries.

   Even though the CH-47F is still in production, Boeing is already looking for a future enhancements. It is planned that between 2020 and 2025 helicopters will be fitted with more powerful engines, new rotor blades derived from the cancelled RAH-66 Commanche, will have a strengthened airframe and will be capable to carry more payload. The planned future versions are nominally referred as CH-47G and CH-47H. These helicopters are planned to remain operational with the US Army beyond 2060, or over 100 years after the type first entered service.


Video of the CH-47 Chinook transport helicopter

CH-47 Chinook helicopter

CH-47 Chinook helicopter

CH-47 Chinook helicopter

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