Would you like to publish your article on website? Would you like that your article would be read by tens of thousands of military enthusiasts? Would you like that military fans from all over the world would know about you? website will help you to grow your popularity as journalist or military expert. If you have great knowledge in military we will gladly publish your articles and mention you as an original author. Thousands of military enthusiasts visit this website on a daily basis and, hopefully, they will appreciate your work a lot.

   Basic guidelines for writing an article are outlined below.

   You can send us articles on weapons and systems, that are not yet covered by website. It is up to you to choose if the article will be on aircraft, tanks, or missiles. Usually articles on the newest or popular weapons attract the most attention.

   Please send us articles only on modern weapon systems, preferrably produced after 2000s. If particular weapon is older, please make sure that it is currently used by at least one country. Articles on WWII weapons, like the T-34 or Panzer tanks, or other out-dated equipment are definitely poor match for Military-TODAY website, which is dediceted to modern weapons. Such articles will not be published.

   Please keep in mind that we can not add an article, that has already been published on other website. We can only publish articles that are unique. Please do not send any "copy-paste" type content or any plagiarizms.

   Your article may not be biased towards any country or weapon manufacturer.

   Before writing your own article please read several articles on about similar weapon systems. It will give you a good idea, how a typical article shoold look like.

   Your article should be around 500 -600 words long. It should start with a short description of particular weapon system. It might include dates, when the first prototype was built, when it was accepted to service, when it was first publicly revealed, when production commenced and ceased. It might also mention numbers produced and current operators worldwide. Please also add available specifications data.

   Make a research on your paticular weapon system and use different and reputable sources. If possible, use official information from developers and manufacturers. website was always about accurate information, so please be very careful and double check all the facts and specifications.

   You can write about the background and development history of a particular weapon systems, about design features, principles of operation and combat history. Feel free to write more about the subject you like most. Sometimes history of a particular weapon might be much more interesting than how its internal mechanisms work, and so on. You can also mention variants and upgrades.

   Please keep everything simple and accessible to general audience of readers with various knowledge levels. Don't get too involved in technical details. Use simple to understand language instead.

   As I mentioned before, please do not send any "copy-paste" type content. Do not copy paragraphs and sentences from other websites. Your article must be unique.

   Send us your articles to in Microsoft Word format, or email it as a plain text.

   Don't forget to add your name, surname or pen name. Your article will state that it was written by you.

   If it will appear that you article is not up to publishing standards, I might modify it. Such article will still state that it was written by you. was always about accurate and reliable information. Articles that are poorly written, too short, with gramatical mistakes, biased towards any country or weapon manufacturer, with inaccurate information or inaccurate specifications with be rejected.

   Usually it takes a couple of days to review, edit and publish your article.

   You can also add images, or videos to your article. Images and videos can be used from Google, Wikipedia, YouTube and from any other sources. However these are not necessary.

   Once your article is published you can always email me with updated information. Just write me a message with what and where to add.

   If a particular article already exists, it can be improved, expanded or updated. If existing article misses some facts, dates, or specifications data, simply e-mail these missing facts or numbers. You can also send us a link to a web page, which contains the missing information.

   Don't hesitate and contact me if you have any questions.


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