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Walther P99

Semi-automatic pistol

Walther P99

The Walther P99 is a striker-fired pistol with unusual trigger mechanism

Caliber 9x19 mm Parabellum
Weight (unloaded) 720 g
Length 180 mm
Barrel length 102 mm
Muzzle velocity 300 - 460 m/s
Magazine capacity 16 rounds
Sighting range 50 m
Range of effective fire 50 m


   The Walther P99 pistol was developed for law enforcement forces and civil customers. It was designed in the mid 1990s. Production commenced in 1997. This pistol is produced to this day. It is also license-produced in Poland by Radom factory and in the United States by Smith & Wesson. However in both of cases frames are supplied from Germany.

   The Walther P99 has been adopted by the Finish armed forces, Iraqi army, and a number of law enforcement forces and police departments from all around the world.

   The Walther P99 is a striker-fired pistol with a polymer frame and a steel slide. At the time of its introduction this pistol had a number of unusual features. It was a step forward for the Walther company.

   This pistol was originally chambered in 9x19 mm Parabellum. A .40 S&W version was introduced in 1999.

   The P99 is a short-recoil operated weapon. It fires with a locked breech and uses a modified Browning locking system. It proved to be a reliable weapon.

   Even though the Walther P99 is a striker-fired pistol, it has unusual trigger mechanism. It operates in a "double-action" mode similar to that of hammer-fired pistols. It can also fire in a "single-action" mode. There is a version of this pistol with "double action only" trigger mechanism. The third version is Walther P99QA or "quick action". It features a partially pre-cocked trigger for a constant trigger pull from the first to last shot.

   This pistol has an automatic firing pin block safety. The P99DAO version has a slightly different automatic safety, built into the trigger.

   There is a loaded chamber indicator, as well as cocked striker indicator. Another unusual feature of the baseline Walther P99 is a decocking button. It is located on top of the slide. Other pistols typically have a conventional lever on the side. This button is relatively large on the standard P99 as it decocks the striker. The decocking button is much smaller on the P99QA, where it is used only during disassembly. The P99DAO lacks decocking button, as its firing pin is always disconnected.

   All controls of the P99 are fully ambidextrous for right- or left-hand operation. Except that the first generation pistols have a slide release only on the left side of the frame.

   Magazine capacity of the P99 varies from 8 to 16 rounds, depending from the caliber and version. A full-size version chambered in 9x19 mm is fed from 16-round magazines, while similar version chambered in .40 S&W is fed from 12-round magazines.

   This pistol has iron sights. The rear sight post is dovetailed into the slide and is adjustable. The sights have white inserts for firing at night.

   The P99 has 3 interchangeable grip backstraps, including small, medium and large. So the shooter can install the backstrap that suits him most.

   This weapon has an accessory rail under the barrel and can be fitted with laser pointer, tactical flashlight, or other accessories.




   Walther P99C is a compact version;

   Second generation of the P99 pistols was introduced in 2004. These pistols were slightly redesignes, had better ergonomics and new model designations. The P99 was renamed to P99AS (Anti-Stress). The P990 with a "double-action only" trigger mechanism was renamed to P99DAO. The P99QA (Quick Action) pistol retained its name. Ambidextrous slide release is proposed as an option of the second generation pistols.

   Radom P99, a Polish license-produced version, chambered in 9x19 mm Parabellum. Frames for these pistols are supplied from Germany. This pistol is a standard sidearm in service with Polish police;

   Smith & Wesson SW99 is a close copy of the Walther P99, manufactured in the USA. Frames for these pistols are supplied from Germany. Furthermore Smith & Wesson also developed and produces a version of this pistol, chambered in .45 ACP cartridge.


Walther P99

Walther P99

Walther P99

Walther P99

Walther P99

Walther P99

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