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Silenced sniper rifle

VSK-94 sniper rifle

The VSK-94 is a compact and silenced sniper weapon, intended for urban environment

Country of origin Russia
Entered service 1994
Caliber 9x39 mm
Weight (without magazine and optics) 2.8 kg
Length 932 mm
Barrel length 230 mm
Muzzle velocity 270 - 290 m/s
Cyclic rate of fire 700 - 900 rpm
Practical rate of fire 30 - 90 rpm
Magazine capacity 10, 20 rounds
Sighting range 400 m
Range of effective fire 400 m


   The VSK-94 a small-size silenced sniper weapon, based on the 9A-91 compact assault rifle. It was developed for the special army and law enforcement units, that operate in urban environment. Compact size of this sniper rifle makes it maneuverable in restricted space areas. Also it was seen as a low-cost alternative to the Vintorez silenced sniper rifle. In 1994 the VSK-94 was adopted by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and used by special units, such as hostage rescue teams. However this weapon is used only in small numbers. Some sources report that the VSK-94 is also used in Belarus, Mongolia and Syria.

   The VSK-94 is a gas operated, selective fire weapon, fitted with integral silencer. It is chambered in 9x39 mm subsonic ammunition. The same ammunition is used by the Vintorez silenced sniper rifle. The VSK-94 uses SP-5 (ball round), or SP-6 (armor piercing) rounds. The SP-6 is the main type of ammunition. It has a hardened steel penetrator and penetrates a 6 mm steel plate at a range of 200 m and 2 mm steel plate at a range of 500 m. This round penetrates most military body armors at ranges of 300 - 400 meters. It seems that the VSK-94 can also use the PAB-9 ( a lower cost version of the SP-6) rounds.

   At close ranges, such as 100 m, the 9x39 mm ammunition is superior in terms of penetration to 9x19 mm pistol rounds used by submachine guns and 5.45x39 mm and 5.56x45 mm ammunition used by compact assault rifles. Also the 9x39 mm bullets usually do not ricochet. This feature is extremely important in urban environment, firing inside the buildings.

   This sniper weapon is capable of semi-auto and full-auto firing. Fire mode selector is located above the triggerguard.

   The VSK-94 has a polymer stock, that is fitted with a rubber damper. Early models had wooden stock. The whole stock can be removed for compact storage and transportation. The integral silencer, can be also easily removed.

   This weapon is fed from 10-, or 20-round capacity magazines. Magazine release button is located under the triggerguard.

   This silenced sniper rifle has a side scope rail on the receiver. is typically used with PKS-07 scope, or PSO-1 (4x magnification) sight, specially adjusted for 9x39 mm ammunition. The VSK-94 can be also fitted with other scopes or night vision sights. Claimed effective range of this weapon is 400 m.


VSK-94 sniper rifle

VSK-94 sniper rifle

VSK-94 sniper rifle

VSK-94 sniper rifle

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