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Vektor CR-21

Assault rifle

Vektor CR-21

The futuristic-looking Vektor CR-21 assault rifle received no production orders

Caliber 5.56 x 45 mm NATO
Weight (loaded) 3.8 kg
Length 760 mm
Length (with folded stock) -
Barrel length 460 mm
Muzzle velocity 980 m/s
Cyclic rate of fire 650 - 700 rpm
Practical rate of fire 40 - 100 rpm
Magazine capacity 20, 35 rounds
Sighting range ?
Range of effective fire ~ 500 m


   The CR-21 assault rifle was developed by Vektor, a small South African weapon manufacturer, which is a division of the Denel corporation. The CR-21 stands for Compact Rifle for 21st century. This weapon was first publicly revealed in 1997. It was intended to replace the previous Vektor R4 and R5 assault rifles (license-built versions of Galil ARM and SAR) in service with the South African National Defense Forces. It is also aimed at the export customers. However this weapon received no production orders.

   The CR-21 is a gas operated, selective fire assault rifle with bullpup layout. It is chambered for the standard NATO 5.56x45 mm round. Its internal design and operation is similar to the previous Vektor R4. This weapon has a futuristic-looking bullpup housing, made from polymers. It is worth mentioning that the CR-21 is relatively light. Also it is shorter, but retains barrel length and muzzle velocity of traditional assault rifle. It inherited all the reliability of the original AK-47 / Galil design. Some sources claim that it is possible to remanufacture the existing R4 rifles into the CR-21.

   Unlike most modern bullpup assault rifles the Vektor CR-21 is not ambidextrous because of its design limitations. There is only one spent case extraction port on the right side.

   The fire mode selector is located well behind the magazine. The CR-21 assault rifle has semi-automatic and full automatic firing modes. A separate safety button is located at the front of the triggerguard. Enlarged triggerguard of this assault rifle allows to fire wearing winter gloves. The cocking handle is located on the left side and does not reciprocate when the weapon is fired.

   This assault rifle is fed from 20- or 35-round box-shaped magazines. It also accepts magazines of the Vektor R4 and Galil ARM.

   The Vektor CR-21 comes with 1x magnification reflex sight, mounted on the sight rail. This sight can be easily removed. Other sights may also be fitted.

   Some sources claim that the CR-21 can be fitted with a 40-mm underbarrel grenade launcher of local origin. An integral flash suppressor can be used to cut through barbed wires. The CR-21 can be easily field stripped into major components. A field toolkit is carried inside the buttplate.


Vektor CR-21

Vektor CR-21

Vektor CR-21

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