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T86 assault rifle

The Taiwanese T86 is generally similar to the M16A2, even though it is a different weapon

Country of origin Taiwan
Entered service 2000
Caliber 5.56 x 45 mm
Weight (unloaded) ~ 3.2 kg
Length ~ 880 mm
Barrel length 375 ~ 400 mm
Muzzle velocity 840 m/s
Cyclic rate of fire 700 - 800 rpm
Practical rate of fire 40 - 100 rpm
Magazine capacity 30 rounds
Sighting range 400 m
Range of effective fire 400 m


   The T86, or Type 86, is an assault rifle, developed and produced in Taiwan. Even though it looks like the US M16, it is an entirely different weapon. It was developed to replace the T65 series rifles in service with the Taiwanese armed forces. Development started in 1992. An XT86 pre-production model was introduced in 1997. The design was finalized and approved for production in 1998. Production commenced in 2000. The T86 was produced only during a short period of time until 2002. Only a relatively small number of these assault rifles were manufactured Tor the Taiwanese armed forces due to funding problems. Defense budget priorities forced the Taiwanese military to delay complete replacement of the previous T65 assault rifle for a couple of years. Some sources report that just over 4 800 units were produced. The only export operator of the T86 is Jordan, where this weapon is used by royal guards and special forces. Since 2003 production switched to an improved T91 assault rifle, which was produced in much larger numbers and by 2008 it became a standard-issue service rifle in all branches of the Taiwanese military.

   The T86 is an evolution of the previous T65 series. It is a gas-operated, selective fire weapon. It is chambered for a standard NATO 5.56x45 mm ammunition. It is based on the Armalite AR-18 design and has a different gas action, comparing with the Armalite AR-15 (M16). Also it lacks forward assist. Overall the T86 is generally similar to the M16A2.

   For cleaning and maintenance this assault rifle can be field stripped without using any special tools. Both the gas piston system and trigger assembly can be removed as complete modular assemblies. It reduces the risk of loosing small parts while cleaning the weapon.

   A fire mode selector is located on the left side of the receiver. It has 4 positions for "safe", "semi-auto", "3-round burst", and "full-auto".

   This Taiwanese assault rifle is fed from 30-round magazines. These are compatible with standard NATO (M16-type) magazines.

   A baseline version has a solid polymer buttstock. Later an improved version with a telescopic M4-style buttstock appeared. This stock can be collapsed when required in order to reduce overall length of the weapon.

   The T86 has a built-in carrying handle, which houses the rear sight post. This arrangement is similar to that of the M16. Sighting range is limited to 400 meters. At this range the weapon has good firing accuracy. A scope can be mounted on the carrying handle. Effective range of fire with the scope is around 600 meters.

   This assault rifle can mount a Taiwanese T85 40 mm underbarrel grenade launcher. It is equivalent to the US M203. The T86 can also launch rifle grenades. It can also mount a knife-bayonet.




   Version with a telescopic stock. The stock is adjustable for reach. When required the stock can be collapsed in order to reduce overall length of the weapon. This version also has a Picatinny-type scope rail. A detachable carrying handle with built-in rear sight is normally mounted.

   T86 carbine. Is a version with a shorter barrel. In concept is is similar to the US M4 carbine. This weapon has been exported to Jordan, where it is used by the royal guards and special forces.

   T91 is an improved version of the T86. It has some features of the Armalite AR-15 (M16), as well as some modern features, such as Picatinny-type accessory rails. Production of this weapon commenced in 2003 and by 2008 it replaced all service rifles in all branches of the Taiwanese military.


T86 assault rifle

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T86 assault rifle

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T86 assault rifle

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