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35 mm underbarrel grenade launcher

QLG-91 underbarrel grenade launcher

The QLG-91 is modeled after the US M203, but uses less powerful ammunition

Country of origin China
Entered service 1991
Caliber 35 mm
Cartridge 35 x 115 mm
Weight (unloaded) 1.45 kg
Cartridge weight 0.15 kg
Length 310 mm
Barrel length ?
Muzzle velocity 75 m/s
Rate of fire 5 - 7 rpm
Sighting range 350 m
Range of effective fire up to 350 m


   The QLG-91, also known as the Type 91, is Chinese underbarrel grenade launcher. It is modeled after the US M203, which was adopted back in 1969 and proved to be an extremely successful weapon. However the QLG-91 uses less powerful 35 mm ammunition instead of 40 mm. There are various versions of the QLG-91, designed to be used on a variety of assault rifles, as well as a standalone and vehicle-mounted versions.

   The QLG-91 can not operate on its own. It must be attached to assault rifle. This grenade launcher is a single-shot weapon. After each shot it has to be reloaded manually.

   Various grenades were developed for this weapon, including DFB-91 high explosive fragmentation grenade, DFT-91 non-lethal grenade, DFR-91 smoke grenade, DFC-91 tear gas grenade, and DFG-91 flash grenade. These are modeled after the US 40 mm grenades but are smaller, lighter and less powerful.

   Explosive grenades detonate on impact. Blast radius is around 5 meters. This weapon is effective against personnel in the open, as well as soft skin vehicles and light structures. In case of successful hit grenade can wound many personnel.

   This Chinese grenade launcher operates in the same manner as the M203. To fire the weapon, the operator must first unlock the barrel assembly, and slide the barrel assembly forward, and then backward, which cocks the weapon. If an unfired round or a spent casing are in the chamber, it will be automatically extracted and ejected. A grenade may now be loaded into the chamber. The QLG-91 may now be fired by simply pulling the trigger.

   This weapon has a simple flip-up iron sight with a sighting range of up to 350 m. The QLG-91 may be fired from the shoulder in standing, kneeling, or prone positions. The weapon bearing the QLG-91 may also be braced with its buttstock against the ground and the muzzle aimed upward, allowing the QLG-91 to be used like a mortar. This is best accomplished from a sitting or prone position. Though firing this way accuracy is rather limited. Instead skill and guesswork are used to fire the weapon.




   QLG-91 is a baseline version, designed to be mounted on the Type 56 assault rifle (license-produced version of the Soviet AK-47). It is also compatible with Type 56-1 and improved Type 56-2 models.

   QLG-91A is a modified variant, mounted on the China's Type-81 assault rifle as well as its improved Type 81-1 model. This grenade launcher is also compatible with the Type-87 experimental assault rifle.

   QLG-91B is another modified variants, mounted on the China's QBZ-95 assault rifle.

   QLL-91 appears to be a standalone grenade launcher, designed for riot controls. It uses less lethal riot control ammunition.


QLG-91 underbarrel grenade launcher

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QLG-91 underbarrel grenade launcher

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