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Semi-automatic pistol


The PSM pistol is conventional in design, but is very thin and flat

Caliber 5.45 x 18 mm
Weight (empty) 460 g
Weight (loaded) 510 g
Length 155 mm
Barrel length 85 mm
Muzzle velocity 315 m/s
Magazine capacity 8 rounds
Sighting range 25 m
Range of effective fire ~ 25 m


   The PSM is a compact pistol. It was developed in the early 1970s to meet KGB requirements for a concealable weapon, capable of penetrating light body armor. It was adopted in 1973.

   This pistol was issued to security officers, top ranking officials of military and law enforcement, as well as top ranking members of Communist party. It was mainly used for self-defense and special operations.

   The PSM is conventional in design, but is very thin and flat. Early production model was no thicker than a box of matches (17 mm). It can be carried concealed very easily even under light clothing. Earlier models have aluminum grip panels. Late models have a slightly more thicker, but also more comfortable plastic grip panels.

   For some reason an entirely new round was developed specially for this pistol. The PSM uses 5.45x18 mm ammunition. The round is pointed and has moderate velocity. This round has good penetration, especially at short range. However its man stopping power is poor. A single shot, even in the chest area, might not disable the target. It has been reported that there were cases when people suffered shots from PSM, but continued to fight. So the PSM is not that useful for a military weapon. Some sources report that some Russian law enforcement operatives officially refused to carry this pistol, asking for a venerable Makarov instead.

   The PSM is a blowback-operated weapon with a double-action trigger. There is a slide mounted safety/decocker. The safety lever do not increases overall width of the pistol.

   The PSM is fed from a single stack magazine, that holds 8 rounds. Magazine release is located at the heel of the grip.

   This pistol has simple fixed iron sights. Sighting range is 25 meters. Range of effective fire is about the same.




   IZh-75 is a commercial export version. A 6.35 mm (.25 ACP) version of this pistol was produced.






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