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Pindad SS1

Assault rifle

Pindad SS1

The Pindad SS1 assault rifle is a modified version of a Belgian FN FNC

Country of origin Indonesia
Entered service 1991
Caliber 5.56x45 mm
Weight (empty) 4.01 kg
Weight (loaded) 4.37 kg
Length 997 mm
Length (with folded stock) 766 mm
Barrel length 449 mm
Muzzle velocity 710 m/s
Cyclic rate of fire 720 - 760 rpm
Practical rate of fire 40 - 100 rpm
Magazine capacity 30 rounds
Sighting range 450 m
Range of effective fire 400 m


   The Pindad Senapan Serbu 1, or SS1 it is a modified version of the Belgian FN FNC. It was produced under license in Indonesia. In 1982 Indonesia purchased 10 000 FNC rifles from Belgium. In 1984 a license has been acquired by Pindad to produce this weapon locally. Modifications were made to adapt this assault rifle for jungle climate conditions. The Pindad SS1 was adopted in 1991 and became a standard issue assault rifle with Indonesian armed forces. Also it was used by Indonesian police. It has been exported to Cambodia, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, and possibly some other countries. Since 2006 the SS1 is being phased in Indonesian service by an updated SS2.

   The Pindad SS1 is an inexpensive and not too complex weapon. This assault rifle is chambered for a standard NATO 5.56x45 mm round.

   The Pindad SS1 is a gas-operated weapon. Overall its operating mechanism strongly resembles that of Kalashnikov assault rifle, but it was adapted to more advanced production methods and is made of more sophisticated materials. Also it has some features of the M16 and some other designs. It has been reported that the SS1 is very reliable.

   This assault rifle has a three-round selector system, which allows the weapon to fire a 3-round burst with each trigger pull. Also the FNC can fire in semi-auto and full-auto modes.

   It is fed from 30-round magazines. This weapon is compatible with all standard NATO 5.56 mm magazines.

   This weapon has a side-folding skeletal buttstock. When folded it does not obstructs the trigger. A solid non-foldable plastic stock was fitted to some models.

   The Pindad SS1 has diopter-type iron sights. Sights have adjustment for 300 or 450 meters. It has been reported that effective range is 400 meters, however the SS1 can be also used on longer ranges. This weapon can be fitted with various optics, but requires an adapter.

   A bayonet can be attached. It is similar to US M7 bayonet, used on the M16 rifle. This assault rifle can be also fitted with indigenous Pindad SPG-1A 40 mm underbarrel grenade launcher, which is broadly similar to the US M203.




   Pindad SS1-V1 full-size assault rifle with a side-folding skeletal stock. It was the primary variant used by Indonesian armed forces.

   Pindad SS1-V2 carbine with shorter barrel and handguard. It has a side-folding metal stock.

   Pindad SS1-V3 full-size assault rifle with non-folding solid plastic stock.

   Pindad SS1-V4 precision fire version. It comes as standard with a 4x magnification scope. This weapon has a non-folding plastic stock. It is similar to the baseline SS1-V1, except the scope. This weapon is used by a designated marksman and extends a fire reach of the squad. Effective range with a scope is 600 meters.

   Pindad SS1-V5 compact assault rifle. It is even more compact than SS1-V2 carbine. It has a side-folding metal stock. This weapon was used by special forces and rear-echelon troops, such as engineers, artillery crews and so on.

   Pindad SS1-R5 Raider compact assault rifle. This weapon was designed for special forces. It has a Picatinny-type rail and can be fitted with various scopes. It lacks 3-round burst capability and fires only in semi-auto or full-auto modes.

   Pindad SS1-M1, full-size version intended for Indonesian Marine Corps. The weapon has a special coating that prevents it from rusting. It can function after drenched in mud or sand.

   Pindad SS-1M2 carbine version for Indonesian Marine Corps. It has a shorter barrel and foregrip.

   Pindad SS1-M5 Commando, a compact assault rifle intended for Indonesian Marine Corps.

   Pindad SBC-1 compact semi-automatic rifle. It is a variant of the SS1-V5 developed specially for Indonesian customs. This weapon fires only in semi-auto mode. It lacks 3-round burst and full-auto capability.

   Sabhara/Police V1-V2, a variant developed specially for police use. It is chambered in unusual 7.62x45 mm ammunition.

   Pindad SS2 updated version. It has a numbed or improvements, including an integral Picatinny-type scope rail. This weapon is often used with add-on carrying handle, that has built-in sights. Its appearance has some similarities with US M16 assault rifle. Since 2006 the original Pindad SS1 is being replaced by the SS2.

   Pindad SS2 version with bullpup layout. Sometimes it is referred as Pindad SS3.


Pindad SS1

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Pindad SS1

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Pindad SS1

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Pindad SS1

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Pindad SS1-R5 Raider

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Pindad SS1

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