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MA-5 Mk.2

Semi-automatic pistol

MA-5 Mk.2 pistol

The Myanma-made MA-5 Mk.2 pistol is used by Myanma special forces units

Country of origin Myanmar
Entered service 2014 (?)
Caliber 9x19 mm Parabellum
Weight (unloaded) 710 g
Weight (loaded) 910 g
Length 204 mm
Barrel length 104 mm
Muzzle velocity 360 m/s
Muzzle energy 490 Joules
Magazine capacity 17 rounds
Sighting range 50 m
Range of effective fire ~ 50 m


   The MA-5 Mk.2 is a Myanma-made clone of a second generation Glock 17. The original Glock 17 was created in Austria in the early 1980s. It proved to be a highly successful design, which revolutionized the firearms market. It was a simple, lightweight, reliable and inexpensive weapon. Since its introduction the Glock 17 pistol was widely copied and cloned.

   The MA-5 MK.2 was created by the Directorate of Defense Industries. For many years, the Tatmadaw is armed with the Browning Hi-Power pistol, known in Tatmadaw service as the MA-5. These pistols were mostly bought from Belgium, both from government contracts and commercial purchases.

   The first documented evidence of the pistolís existence was through social media posts/photos in 2014. Itís not known if the MA-5 Mk. II will be adopted to eventually replace the Hi-Powers being used by the Tatmadaw, but itís known that the pistol is currently being used by Myanma special forces units as their main sidearm as part of equipping their operators with better firearms in the field.

   While the pistol visually looks similar to the Glock 17, there are ways to tell it apart. Aside from the ďMA-5 MK IIĒ markings and the Tatmadaw insignia molded on the pistol grip, the MA-5 Mk.2 doesnít have the same hook-shaped triggerguard like its Austrian counterpart. Instead the Myanma-made pistol has a rounded trigger guard. The checkered front and rear positions of the grip are also different since they only consist of rectangular spacing instead of the smaller dot-like spacing.

   This pistol has a simple design with a minimum of parts. The pistol can be disassembled within a minute using just a pin, or nail. The MA-5 Mk2 is simple in operation.

   Most of the parts, including the frame, are made of polymer. The only metal parts are the barrel, slide and trigger mechanism. All metal parts are coated with rustproof coating, so this pistol is prone to corrosion.

   This weapon has high muzzle energy and provides good penetration with its 9x19 mm ammunition.

   The pistol has no manual safeties. Instead it uses an automatic firing pin safety which blocks the trigger if it is not pulled properly. This automatic safety eliminates self-action or accidental shots. The safety is reset after each shot until the trigger is pulled once more. There is another automatic safety, which does nor permit fire if the barrel is not fully locked.

   The MA-5 Mk.2 is fed from a 17-round double-stack magazine.

   This pistol has simple fixed sights.

   By 2018, there were no known variants of the MA-5 Mk.2 pistol. Though compact and sub-compact models, or variants with extended capacity magazines could be potentially developed.


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MA-5 Mk.2 pistol

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MA-5 Mk.2 pistol

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MA-5 Mk.2 pistol

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