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Semi-automatic pistol

K5 pistol

The K5 is the first military pistol designed in South Korea

Caliber 9x19 mm
Weight 734 g
Length 191 mm
Barrel length 104 mm
Muzzle velocity 300 - 457 m/s
Magazine capacity 13, 15 rounds
Sighting range ~ 50 m
Range of effective fire ~ 50 m


   The K5 pistol was developed by the Daewoo Precision Industries, a branch of the Daewoo Corporation. The Daewoo Precision Industries is a turnkey Colt factory, built in the 1970s. This factory has produced millions of licensed versions of the M16, M60 and other American weapons. Development of the K5 pistol started in around 1985. In 1990 this pistol was adopted by the South Korean armed forces. It was the first indigenously designed military pistol. It is a standard issue sidearm in service with the South Korean armed forces. The K5 pistol is also available for export and civilian customers as the DP51.

   The Daewoo K5 is based on Browning Hi-Power and Smith & Wesson 59 series pistols. It is a short-recoil, locked breech weapon. It uses a widespread Browning-type locking system. This pistol is cambered for standard 9x19 mm Parabellum ammunition. However there are export versions of the DP51 chambered for other ammunition. The Daewoo K5 is a combat-proven and reliable weapon, that recommended itself well. It is light, highly ergonomic, well balanced and reliable.

   This pistol can be fired in conventional single- and double-action modes. Unusual feature of the K5 is that it also has a "fast action" firing mode. Apparently this mode was borrowed from FN's GP "Fast Action" pistol. So the Daewoo K5 is one of the few triple-action pistols in the world. Its trigger mechanism allows the hammer to be decocked while still keeping the mainspring compressed. A light pull on the trigger causes the hammer to flick back, after which the pistol would behave in conventional single-action mode. So the "fast action" mode allows the trigger travel of the double-action mode and the trigger weight of the single-action mode. This results in a more accurate first shot.

   This pistol has ambidextrous manual safety on both sides of the frame. Also there is a passive firing pin block. It blocks the firing pin from moving forward, unless the trigger is pulled.

   The frame is made of aluminum, while the slide is made of steel.

   The K5 is fed from double-stack magazines, that hold 13 or 15 rounds. This pistol is compatible with Smith & Wesson 59 series magazines, however these slightly protrude from the grip.

   This pistol has fixed 3-dot sights. The rear sight is dovetailed into the slide.




   DP51 Mk.2, improved version;

   DP51C is a compact model with shorter slide, barren and grip. It is fed from 10-round capacity magazines;

   DH40, variant chambered in .40S&W ammunition;

   DH45, variant chambered in .45 ACP ammunition;

   Lionheart LH9, modern update of the K5. It was developed by Lionheart Industries, an independent American owned company.


K5 pistol

K5 pistol

K5 pistol

K5 pistol

K5 pistol

K5 pistol

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