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Semi-automatic pistol


The Gyurza is a powerful close-combat weapon

Country of origin Russia
Caliber 9 x 21 mm
Weight (empty) 1 000 g
Weight (loaded) 1 180 g
Length 195 mm
Barrel length 120 mm
Muzzle velocity 420 m/s
Magazine capacity 18 rounds
Sighting range 100 m
Range of effective fire up to 100 m


   The Gyurza is a Russian semi-automatic pistol, named after a venomous pit viper. It was developed in the mid 1990s by Petr Serdyukov alongside with new 9x21 mm ammunition. Originally it was intended to meet a Russian Army requirement to replace the venerable Makarov pistol. However in the mid 1990s Russian Army lost interest in this gun chambered for new ammunition in favor of designs with standard ammunition. Eventually a Yarygin pistol was adopted as the main Russian Army sidearm. However the Gyurza was selected by Russian law enforcement forces. In 1996 it was adopted by the Russian FSB security service as the SR-1 Vektor. However in 2003 its improved version was adopted for military and police use as the SPS. So the same pistol, which was formerly known as Gyurza, is currently known as SR-1 Vektor and SPS.

   The Gyurza is a powerful close-combat weapon. It is chambered for a newly-developed 9x21 mm ammunition. The SP-10 is a basic armor-piercing round with a steel core bullet. It was designed to penetrate body armor. The Gyurza penetrates 30 layers of Kevlar plus up to 2.8 mm titanium plate at a range of 100 meters. It also penetrates a 4 mm steel plate at a range of 50 meters. There is also an SP-11 standard ball round, SP-12 round with low-ricochet and expanding bullet, and SP-13 armor-piercing tracer round. The downside of this newly developed 9x21 mm ammunition is that it is several times more expensive than the standard 9x19 mm ammunition. This ammunition is also used by SR-2 Verserk submachine gun.

   The Gyurza is a short recoil operated weapon. Upper part of the frame is made of steel. Grip and triggerguard are made of polymer. The slide is made of steel.

   This pistol has a double-action trigger. There are no manual safeties. However there is an automatic grip and firing pin safety. Early production pistols had a small automatic grip safety knob. On later production models the knob was much larger.

   The Gyurza is fed from a double-stack magazine, that holds 18 rounds.

   This pistol has simple iron sights. A range of effective fire is up to 100 meters.

   A Picatinny type rail can be fitted. It is used to mount accessories, such as tactical flashlight and laser pointer. Also this pistol can be fitted with a sound suppressor.




   SR-1 Vektor is a version of the Gyurza, used by the Russian FSB security service. It was adopted in 1996.

   SPS is an improved version of the Gyurza. In 2003 it was adopted for military and police use.




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