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Fort 12

Semi-automatic pistol

Fort 12

The Fort 12 pistol is in service with Ukrainian law enforcement forces

Caliber 9x18 mm Makarov
Weight (empty) 830 g
Length 180 mm
Barrel length 95 mm
Muzzle velocity ?
Magazine capacity 12 rounds
Sighting range ~ 50 m
Range of effective fire up to 50 m


   The Fort 12 is a Ukrainian pistol. It was developed by a state-owned Fort company to replace the ageing Makarov pistol. Development was completed in the mid 1990s. First pistols were produced in 1995. The Fort 12 was adopted by Ukrainian law enforcement forces. However it could not replace the PM and only supplements it. It has been exported to Uzbekistan.

   The Fort 12 has a number of improvements comparing with the PM pistol. It has superior accuracy, larger magazine capacity and better ergonomics. Some sources report that early production pistols had reliability issues. However most of the problems were fixed later on.

   The Fort 12 is chambered for the Soviet 9x18 mm Makarov round. Basically it is a larger version of the 9x17 mm (.380 ACP) round. Soviets deliberately opted for ammunition that is not compatible with any Western 9 mm pistols. So in case of war captured soviet ammunition stocks would be useless. The 9x18 mm round became the standard pistol and submachine gun round in the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact countries, as soviets required their allies to use the same ammunition. Comparing with Western 9x19 mm Parabellum round, the Makarov round is less powerful and also looses in terms of penetration.

   For production of this pistol the Fort company obtained Czech machinery from Ceska Zbrojovka factory. So there is some similarity with the Czech CZ-75 pistol, especially on early production models. The Fort 12 has a simple blowback-operated action. This pistol has a double-action type trigger. There is a manual safety lever, mounted on the left side of the slide.

   The Fort 12 is fed from a double stack 12-round capacity magazines.

   Effective range is up to 50 meters.

   This pistol can be fitted with detachable silencer (Fort 12B), tactical flashlight or laser pointer.




   Fort 14.  It was specially developed to meet requirements of the Ukrainian security and police forces. Originally the Fort 14 was planned as a more powerful version of the Fort 12, chambered for 9x19 mm Parabellum ammunition. However later the designers switched back to 9x18 mm ammunition. It has a longer barrel and improved accuracy, comparing with the Fort 12. Magazine holds 14 rounds. Fist production Fort 14 pistols were delivered to Ukrainian police units in 2003;

   Fort 17. It is one of the latest developments. Basically it is a polymer-framed version of the Fort 12. All of its mechanisms are nearly identical. However the Fort 17 is lighter. Also it has a removable grip backstrap. Backstraps in various sizes are available. So a particular shooter might tailor the grip for himself.


Fort 12

Fort 12

Fort 12

Fort 14

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