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Semi-automatic pistol


The FN FNX was developed for the US Joint Combat Pistol program

Country of origin Belgium
Caliber 9x19 mm Parabellum
Weight (unloaded) 621 g
Length 184 mm
Barrel length 102 mm
Muzzle velocity 300 - 460 m/s
Magazine capacity 17 rounds
Sighting range 50 m
Range of effective fire 50 m


   The FN FNX series of pistols was first introduced in 2009. It is based on the FNP series, but incorporates many ergonomic improvements. The FNX was developed for the US Joint Combat Pistol program. This program was aimed to replace the M9 pistol but was eventually suspended.

   The FN FNX pistols replaced in production the FNP series. Both of these pistols are broadly similar, however the FNX is more compliant with military requirements.

   The FN FNX is available chambered in 9x19 mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP ammunition.

   The FNX is a fairly conventional pistol with a number of previously known design features. It is a recoil-operated semi automatic weapon. It fires with a locked breach and uses a Browning-type locking system. This handgun has a polymer frame and a stainless steel slide. The FNX has an exposed hammer. This weapon proved to be reliable.

   Unusual feature of the FN FNX is that it has fully replaceable frame rails. This feature allows the pistol to be rebuilt after extensive firing, hence extends the service life of the weapon. This feature is also present of the FN FNP, however it was borrowed from the Steyr M-series pistol, that was released back in 1999. Trigger and hammer are formed in a single module and can be easily removed for maintenance or replacement.

   This pistol was available has a double-action trigger mechanism. However it can be also fired in single-action mode.

   This weapon has a frame-mounted ambidextrous manual thumb safety. There is also an internal firing pin safety. All versions of the FN FNX have an ambidextrous decocking levers. There is a loaded chamber indicator on the right side.

   The FNX-9 is fed from 17-round capacity magazines. Magazine release button is ambidextrous. This handgun comes with three magazines.

   This pistol comes as standard with tritium night sights. Both front and rear sights are dovetailed into the slide.

   This handgun has an accessory rail and can mount tactical flashlight or laser pointer.

   Initial production models of the FNX, as well as the pre previous FNP, were sold with 2 interchangeable grip backstraps. One of them was flat, while the other one was curves. So the shooter could install the backstrap that suits him most. Since 2012 the FNX comes with 4 interchangeable backstraps. These have different thickness and different pattern.




   FN FNX-9, version chambered in 9x19 mm ammunition.

   FN FNX-40, version chambered in .40 S&W ammunition. It uses 14-round capacity magazines.

   FN FNX-45, version chambered in .45 ACP ammunition. This pistol was introduced in 2012.

   FN FNX-45 Tactical. This versions is chambered in .45 ACP ammunition. It was released soon after the FNX-45 was introduced. The "Tactical" version has enhanced sights, and additional sight rail for mounting red dot sights. These pistols also have threaded barrels and can mount silencers.









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