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Submachine gun


The CBJ MS personal defense weapon is excellent for close combat and self-defense

Caliber 6.5 x 25 mm
Weight (empty) 2.8 kg
Length 565 mm
Length (with folded stock) 363 mm
Barrel length 200 mm
Muzzle velocity 830 m/s
Cyclic rate of fire 700 rpm
Practical rate of fire 30 - 100 rpm
Magazine capacity 20,  30, 100 rounds
Sighting range ?
Range of effective fire up to 400 m


   The CBJ MS or Modular System is a personal defense weapon, designed by Bertil Johanson, a Swedish arms designer, who established a CBJ Tech AB private arms manufacturing company. This PDW was revealed in the early 2000s. This compact weapon intended for non-frontline troops, commanders, vehicle drivers, tank and artillery crews, pilots, medical teams and other support personnel. Currently this weapon system is in a final stage of development, however it received no production orders to date.

   The CBJ MS is a blowback operated, selective fire weapon. However a replacement bolt group can be installed and the gun will fire from a closed action. The CBJ MS is based on the Izraeli UZI submachine gun. It is chambered for a newly-developed 6.5 x 25 mm high-velocity ammunition. It is claimed that performance of this round exceeds the standard ball 5.56 mm NATO ammunition. It is claimed that in some cases it outperforms even the standard ball 7.62 mm NATO rounds. Its primary ammunition is an armor-piercing round, which has significant armor penetration performance. During trials this CBJ round completely penetrated a standard CRISAT armored vest at a range of 230 m. Also there is a wide range of other cartridges for unprotected targets and training. The CBJ MS is claimed to be superior to other personal defense weapons: the FN P90 and HK MP7. This system is excellent for close combat and self-defense. This PDW is also effective against lightly armored vehicles.

   The 6.5 x 25 mm CBJ cartridge has roughly similar outer dimensions to the 9 x 19 mm Parabellum round. It is worth mentioning that most 9 x 19 mm pistols and submachine guns can be re-barreled and used with the 6.5 x 25 mm CBJ ammunition. For training the CBJ MS can use the 9 x 19 mm ammunition.

   Firing mode is selected by the pull on the two step trigger. A short pull results in single shots, while a full-length pull results in automatic fire. There is a manual safety button, located over the triggerguard. There is another built-in automatic grip safety. A charging handle is located on the back of the weapon. It is fully ambidextrous and does not move when the gun is fired.

   The CBJ Modular System can be easily field stripped in seven parts without using any tools. Its barrel can be easily removed for maintenance or replacement. It is a rugged, simple design, that is claimed to be very reliable.

   The magazine is inserted into pistol grip. The CBJ MS PDW is compatible with the standard Carl Gustaf SMG magazines. A standard box-type magazine holds 20 or 30 rounds. A spare box magazine can be carried inserted into the front grip for rapid reload. A high capacity drum magazine holding 100 rounds is also available.

   The CBJ MS is fitted with adjustable open sights. A Picatinny-type rail is mounted on top of receiver. It allows to use this weapon in conjunction with various scopes and night vision sights. More Picatinny-type accessory rails of the sides are optional. Also the front grip can be replace with accessories like flashlights, laser pointers and so on.

   This personal defense weapon is fitted with retractable shoulder stock, made from steel wire. It can be fitted with detachable bipod in a light support weapon configuration. Also it can be fitted with a sound suppressor, however it requires special subsonic ammunition.




   CBJ MS light support weapon, fitted with detachable bipod and 100 round drum magazine. In this configuration it can be used as assault weapon.

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