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The BXP is a standard-issue submachine gun with South African military

Caliber 9x19 mm Parabellum
Weight (empty) 2.5 kg
Length 607 mm
Length (with folded stock) 387 mm
Barrel length 208 mm
Muzzle velocity 381 m/s
Cyclic rate of fire 1 000 rpm
Magazine capacity 22 or 32 rounds
Sighting range ?
Range of effective fire 100 m


   The BXP is a submachine gun, originally manufactured by Mechem in South Africa. It is derived from the American MAC-10, and was developed during arms embargoes imposed on South Africa in response to the Apartheid. Manufacturing rights for the BXP have changed hands twice since its production began, first being handed from Mechem to Milkor Marketing, and more recently to Truvelo Armory. The BXP is presently the standard-issue submachine gun of the South African military. The only known operators of the BPX are the SANDF, and the South African National Police. While it is a very austere and obscure firearm, it is said to be extremely rugged and reliable.

   The BXP is a selective-fire weapon, able to fire single shots or continuous automatic fire. The operation is a conventional blowback type, based on the telescoping bolt pattern. Some models have a two-stage trigger; though the manual safety is a separate switch, the shooter fires single shots with a half-pull of the trigger, or full automatic with a full pull of the trigger. The safety lever is ambidextrous, but there it no fire mode selector. Instead, pulling the trigger to the first stop produces a single shot, while pulling it further engages fully automatic fire. The other models have a fire mode selector with "safe", "semi-auto", and "full-auto" modes.

   Standard equipment for the BXP includes the Armeson Occluded Eye Gunsight, a lightweight optical sight that is included in the cost of the weapon. The cocking handle is U-shaped, to allow a proper line of sight when aiming even though it is on top of the receiver. As originally manufactured, the BXP had a two-piece collapsible buttstock, but current models have a simpler wire stock. On the original stock, the buttplate doubled as a foregrip for the weapon, when the stock was collapsed.

   The 20.8 cm barrel is threaded to accept a silencer or a flash suppressor. The flash suppressor itself is especially noteworthy, as it provides a unique secondary capability for BXP users; the ability to fire bullet-trap rifle grenades, which the flash suppressor was deliberately designed to accommodate. Silencers and heat shields can also be attached via the grenade crown threading. At present, new barrels for the BXP are manufactured from EN19 steel.

   The unit cost of the BXP is approximately $600, and as of 2015 it is still offered.

   The only known variant is the Phoenix Tactical, which differs primarily in firing from a closed bolt, and being semi-automatic-only. The Phoenix Tactical is not, however, intended for military sale.



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