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Beretta AR70/90

Assault rifle

Beretta AR70/90

The Italian Beretta AR70/90 assault rifle is used by a number of countries

Country of origin Italy
Entered service 1990
Caliber 5.56x45 mm NATO
Weight 4.1 kg
Length 998 mm
Length (with folded stock) 756 mm
Barrel length 450 mm
Muzzle velocity 920 - 950 m/s
Cyclic rate of fire 650 rpm
Practical rate of fire 40 - 100 rpm
Magazine capacity 30 rounds
Sighting range 400 m
Range of effective fire 400 m


   The Beretta AR70/90 was designed in 1985 to meet Italian Government requirement for a new assault rifle. It is an improved version of the previous Berretta AR70/223 assault rifle, which had some reliability issues. This assault rifle was adopted by Italian armed forced in 1990 as a standard issue infantry weapon. It is used in service to this day. However since 2010 it is being supplemented and gradually replaced by the new Beretta ARX-160 assault rifle. The Beretta AR70/90 has been exported to a number of countries.

   The AR70/90 is a gas operated, selective fire weapon. It is fairly conventional in design. This weapon is chambered for a standard NATO 5.56x45 mm ammunition. This assault rifle is manufactured according to the 1980s standards. It is made mainly of stainless steel with limited use of polymer materials. Unlike the previous AR70/223, the AR70/90 proved to be reliable.

   Ambidextrous fire mode selector of the AR70/90 has three positions, for "safe", "semi-auto", and "full-auto". A trigger group with additional "3-round burst" position, was optional.

   This weapon is fed from 30-round magazines. It can also accept all standard NATO magazines, such as from M16 assault rifle. It is also compatible with 100-round capacity drum magazines.

   The baseline AR70/90 has got a solid polymer buttstock. There is an SC70/90 version, which comes with a skeletal side-folding buttstock. This weapon has got a detachable carrying handle. The pistol grip is hollow and is used to store a cleaning kit. A trigger guard can be folded in order to shoot while wearing winter gloves.

   The AR70/90 assault rifle comes with iron sights. These have two settings for 250 and 400 meters. This weapon has a standard NATO scope rail. Currently this Italian assault rifle is typically used with red dot sights. It can be also fitted with night vision or telescope sights.

   The AR70/90 can mount a knife-bayonet and detachable bipod. This assault rifle has got grenade sights and can launch rifle grenades. When grenade sight is raised into position, it automatically closes the gas port. This Italian assault rifle can be also equipped with an underbarrel grenade launcher.




   Beretta SC70/90 version with a folding skeletal buttstock. It was developed for airborne troops and special forces.

   Beretta SCP70/90 carbine version with a shorter barrel and side-folding skeletal buttstock. It was developed for special forces, vehicle and artillery crews and other soldiers, that do not require a full-size assault rifle. This weapon can not mount bayonet and launch rifle grenades due to its shorter barrel. It requires a special clamp-on muzzle device for launching grenades.

   Beretta AS70/90 light machine gun. This weapon was introduced in 1985 and is used as a squad automatic weapon. It has a heavy barrel and bipod. It is fed from 40-round box magazines. This weapon has a four-position selector with "safe", "semi-auto", "3-round burst", and "full-auto" setting. This light machine gun has provision for a laser aiming device.

   Beretta AR70/90S is a semi-automatic rifle, intended for law enforcement use. It lacks flash hider and bayonet mount.


Beretta AR70/90

Beretta AR70/90

Beretta AR70/90

Beretta AR70/90

Beretta AR70/90

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