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Beretta 93R

Automatic pistol

Beretta 93R

The Beretta 93R automatic pistol was designed for police and military use

Caliber 9x19 mm Parabellum
Weight (empty) ~ 970 g
Weight (loader) 1 170 g
Length 240 mm
Barrel length 156 mm
Muzzle velocity 375 m/s
Magazine capacity 15, 20 rounds
Sighting range 50 m
Range of effective fire 50 m


   The Beretta 93R is an automatic pistol. It was designed in the late 1970s for police and military use. It first appeared in 1977. Essentially it is a redesigned Beretta 92 with a number of modifications to allow automatic fire. The "R" in the designation stands for Raffica, or "burst". Its production commenced in 1979 and ceased in 1993. This automatic pistol was adopted by Italian counter-terrorist units and other police and military units. It has been exported to Honduras. Currently only few automatic pistols are being produced. These are typically used by special military and law enforcement forces.

   The Beretta 93R it a short-recoil operated weapon. It has a heavier barrel with vents. Early production pistols had ported barrels, that reduced the muzzle climb during automatic fire with the help of escaping gas. The pistol also has a heavier slide and some other modifications. This automatic pistol is chambered for 9x19 mm Parabellum ammunition. It has improved firepower comparing with the standard Beretta 92 due to its 3-round burst fire capability. It is a better alternative for a close quarter combat than a standard semi-automatic pistol as it is more effective.

   The Beretta 93R lacks a full-auto capability. Designers deliberately limited the rate of fire to bursts of 3-round burst. It  has a single-shot and 3-round burst fire capability only. Unlike other Beretta 92 series pistols it has single-action only trigger.

   A manual safety switch is located on the left side of the frame. It is mounted on the same axis as the a fire mode selector switch. It is not ambidextrous as on some other Beretta 92 series pistols.

   The Beretta 93R is fed from extended double-stack magazines, that hold 20 rounds. It also accept standard 15-round magazines of the Beretta 92 pistols.

   This pistol has a simple iron sights. Sighting range is 50 meters. Effective range of fire is also 50 meters.

   This pistol has a relatively compact size. It is only slightly larger than the standard Beretta 92. There is a folding forward grip and fitting for a metal shoulder stock. These allow to control pistol during automatic fire. These improve accuracy at longer range.



Video of the Beretta 93R automatic pistol

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Beretta 93R

Beretta 93R

Beretta 93R

Beretta 93R

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