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122-mm self-propelled howitzer

Semser truck-mounted howitzer

The Semser 122-mm truck-mounted howitzer was developed by Israel's Soltam

Entered service 2008
Crew 5 ~ 6 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight ?
Length (gun forward) ~ 9 m
Hull length ~ 9 m
Width ~ 2.5 m
Height ~ 3 m
Main gun 122-mm howitzer
Barrel length 38 calibers
Machine guns -
Maximum firing range 6 - 8 rpm
Maximum rate of fire 15.3 km
Elevation range - 5 to + 70 degrees
Traverse range 360 degrees
Ammunition load
Main gun ~ 45 rounds
Machine guns -
Engine KamAZ-740.50.360 diesel
Engine power 360 hp
Maximum road speed 90 km/h
Range 1 000 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 30%
Vertical step 0.6 m
Trench 0.6 - 1.4 m
Fording 1.2 m


   The Semser (sword) self-propelled howitzer was developed by Israel's Soltam under contract to the Kazakhstan Ministry of Defense. The Semser 122-mm SPH will be manufactured by local Kazakh companies. Kazakh Army planned to have an operational battalion of Semser howitzers by the end of 2008. Kazakhstan also proposed this truck-mounted howitzer for possible export customers in the region, including Azerbaijan and Kyrgyz Republic.

   This artillery system is armed with a modified variant of the D-30 122-mm towed howitzer. This towed howitzer was produced in large numbers and Kazakhstan has plenty of 122-mm ammunition, inherited from the Soviet Union. It was one of the reasons, why 122-mm caliber was preferred to Russian 152-mm or NATO 155-mm. Maximum range of fire is only 15.3 km. This truck-mounted howitzer is also capable of direct firing.

   The Semser has an integrated automated command and control system, provided by Soltam and Elbit.

   This artillery system is based on KamAZ-6350 8x8 heavy utility truck chassis. Vehicle is powered by the KamAZ-740.50.360 turbocharged diesel engine, developing 360 hp.

   Some Kazakh sources claim that design of the Semser proved to be unsuccessful.


Video of the Semser self-propelled howitzer

Semser truck-mounted howitzer

Semser truck-mounted howitzer

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