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RM-70 Modular

Multiple launch rocket system

RM-70 Modular MLRS

The RM-70 Modular multiple launch rocket system is compatible with NATO munitions

Country of origin Slovakia / Germany
Entered service 2005
Crew 3 ~ 4 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight ?
Length ?
Width ?
Height ?
Caliber 122 mm / 227 mm
Number of tubes 28 / 6
Rocket weight 66.6 / 307 kg
Warhead weight 19.18 / 120 kg
Firing range 21  / 40 km
Full salvo duration 15 ~ 25 s
Reloading time ~ 10 minutes
Engine diesel
Engine power ?
Maximum road speed ~ 80 km/h
Range ~ 800 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 40%
Vertical step 0.6 m
Trench 1.5 m
Fording 1.4 m


   The RM-70 Modular multiple launch rocket system is upgrade of the Czechoslovakian RM-70. This upgrade was jointly developed by Diehel BGT Defence of Germany and Slovakia. Slovakia ordered upgrade of 26 vehicles to the RM-70 Modular standard. First deliveries were made in 2005. This upgrade is also offered for other RM-70 operators.

   The RM-70 Modular uses interchangeable rocket pods and is capable of firing either 28 122 mm Grad rockets, or 6 227 mm M270 MLRS rockets. It makes vehicle compatible with NATO munitions. The 122 mm rockets are less capable and are mainly used for training. Still though Slovakia has a number of these rockets in storage.

   A standard 227 mm rocket is 3.96 m long and weights 307 kg. Its warhead weights 120 kg. Maximum range of fire is 40 km. The RM-70 Modular can fire full range of M270 rockets, including HE-FRAG and cluster. It can also fire newly developed extended range guided munitions with a range of 60-100 km and MGM-140 ATACMS tactical missiles. Though it is unknown if Slovakia obtained these extended range rockets and tactical missiles.

   A standard 122 mm rocket is 2.87 m long and weights 66.6 kg. Its warhead weights 19.18 kg. Various warheads are available, including incendiary, smoke, illumination and cluster warheads with anti-tank or anti-personnel submunitions. Also there are some other specialized warheads.

   The RM-70 Modular is extremely effective against area targets, such as concentrations of troops and armored vehicles, artillery batteries, airfields and other targets.

   The launcher vehicle has an armored cab. It is operated by a crew of 3 or 4 soldiers. The launcher vehicle is fitted with new computerized navigation and targeting systems. It is fitted with hydraulic arm, which is used to pick up and replace rocket pods.

   The RM-70 Modular is based on a chassis of a Tatra T815 heavy high mobility truck. This vehicle was specially developed for military use and has good off-road mobility.

   The RM-70 Modular is supported by an escorting military truck, which carries 2 pods with reload rockets. This escorting truck is based on the same 8x8 high mobility truck chassis and also has an armored cab. It fitted with hydraulic arm and can unload the pods to the ground and reload the launcher vehicle. The rocket pod can be reloaded within around 10 minutes. Reloading usually takes place remotely from firing position in order to avoid counter-battery fire.

   Recently Czech Republic introduced their own upgraded version of the old RM-70 artillery rocket system, called the RM-70 Vampir. Though the Vampir is slightly different system, which is not entirely related with the Slovak RM-70 Modular. The RM-70 Vampir follows the lines of the original RM-70 and has a fixed 40-tube launcher for 122 mm rockets. It also has an integral reloading system, which reloads a full set of reload rockets.




RM-70 Modular MLRS

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RM-70 Modular MLRS

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RM-70 Modular MLRS

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