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2S35 Koalitsiya-SV

152-mm self-propelled howitzer


The 2S35 Koalitsija-SV is a new Russian self-propelled artillery system

Entered service 2015
Crew 3 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight ~ 55 t
Length (gun forward) ?
Hull length ?
Width ?
Height ?
Main gun 152-mm howitzer
Barrel length ~ 52 calibers
Machine guns 1 x 12.7-mm
Projectile weight ~ 43 kg
Maximum firing range 30 ~ 40 km
Maximum rate of fire ~ 8 rpm
Elevation range ?
Traverse range 360 degrees
Ammunition load
Main gun 60 ~ 70 rounds
Machine guns ?
Engine diesel
Engine power ~ 1 000 hp
Maximum road speed ~ 60 km/h
Range ~ 500 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 30%
Vertical step ~ 0.8 m
Trench ~ 2.8 m
Fording ~ 1.2 m


   The 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV (coalition) is a new Russian self-propelled howitzer. It is a successor to the 2S19 Msta-S. It is also intended to replace ageing Russian 152-mm artillery systems. Currently it is one of the most capable howitzers in the world.

   The first demonstrator was completed in 2006. This unique self-propelled howitzer had two 152-mm guns. It used a number of components from the previous 2S19 Msta-S. The twin-barrel Koalitsiya-SV demonstrator had a higher rate of fire than current artillery systems. It could fire at around 16 rounds per minute. The twin-barrel demonstrator had a higher rate of fire than current artillery systems. It could fire at a rate of around 16 rounds per minute. This demonstrator had a fully-automatic ammunition loading and handling systems. Two barrels have a number of other advantages comparing with usual self-propelled howitzers. Such artillery system is more reliable as both guns have associated autoloaders and if one of them fails, another keeps on firing. This self-propelled howitzer used both barrels in quick succession, so the guns did not overheat and had twice longer service life. This demonstrator of the Koalitsiya-SV could load both barrels at any inclination angles. This self-propelled howitzer was capable of multiple round simultaneous impact firing. It could also launch two precision-guided rounds, that will hit two different targets simultaneously. The demonstrator had a crew of 5, however it was planned that production Koalitsiya-SV would have a high level of automation. Demonstrator of the Koalitsiya-SV used a modified Msta-S chassis. However this project was cancelled. For some reason twin-barrel design was abandoned.

   In 2013 a new prototype of the Koalitsiya-SV was completed. It had a different design and only one gun. Production of the 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV commenced in 2014. A first batch of 12 artillery systems was delivered to the Russian Army in 2015. It was first publicly revealed during the same year.

   Even though the Koalitsiya-SV resembles the older 2S19 Msta-S, it is a totally different system. It has unmanned turret and is armed with a 152-mm gun. It has a fully automated ammunition loading and handling system. It utilizes a modular charge system. This artillery system can fire a wide range of munitions, including standard and rocket-assisted HE-FRAG projectiles, cluster projectiles with anti-tank submunitions, jammer carrying projectiles. Range of fire with standard projectile is around 30 km and around 40 km with rocket-assisted projectile.

    A new long-range precision-guided round has been developed in Russia. It has a maximum range of 70 km and high level of accuracy. The Koalitsiya-SV It is also capable of firing older Krasnopol precision guided munitions with a range of 20 km.

   For export customers the 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV can be fitted with a 155-mm gun, compatible with standard NATO ammunition.

   Maximum rate of fire is around 8 rounds per minute. It seems that the Koalitsiya-SV is capable of multiple round simultaneous impact firing.

   This artillery system carries impressive onboard ammunition supply of around 60 to 70 rounds. It has a separate ammunition reloading system at the rear of the turret that allows to load ammunition from resupply truck.

   The Koalitsiya-SV has an automatic targeting and charge selection system.

   Vehicle has a remotely controlled weapon station, armed with a 12.7-mm machine gun. It can be used for self-defense against air and ground targets.

   The Koalitsiya-SV has a high level of automation. It allowed to reduce the crew. This artillery system is operated by a crew of only three men, including commander gunner and driver. Crewmembers are located in a well protected compartment at the front of the hull.

   Armor of this vehicle protects the crew against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters. Vehicle is also fitted with NBC protection and automatic fire suppression systems.

   The Koalitsiya-SV uses new tracked chassis. It uses components of the T-90 main battle tank. General layout of the chassis resembles that of the T-90, but the front is heavily modified to accommodate the crew. It is likely to be powered by a turbocharged diesel engine, developing around 1 000 hp.

   Vehicle has a built-in self-entrenching blade and can dig itself a trench within 12-40 minutes, depending on the ground type.

   It was planed that a wheeled version of this artillery chassis, based on a 8x8 high mobility truck, would be developed.








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