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G6 Rhino

155-mm self-propelled gun-howitzer

G6 Rhino

Unlike many other self-propelled artillery systems the G6 Rhino is based on a wheeled chassis

Entered service 1988
Crew 5 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight 37 t
Length (gun forward) 9.2 m
Hull length ?
Width 3.4 m
Height 3.3 m
Main gun 155-mm
Barrel length 45 calibers
Machine guns 1 x 12.7-mm
Projectile weight 47.6 kg
Maximum firing range 30 - 50 km
Maximum rate of fire 4 rpm
Elevation range - 5 to + 75 degrees
Traverse range 80 degrees
Ammunition load
Main gun 47 rounds
Machine guns 2 000 rounds
Engine diesel
Engine power 525 hp
Maximum road speed 90 km/h
Range 700 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 30%
Vertical step 0.45 m
Trench 1 m
Fording 1 m


   Development of the G6 Rhino self-propelled gun-howitzer began in late 1970s. First prototype was built in 1981. The G6 Rhino saw action in Angola, even before it was mass produced. It entered service with the SANDF in 1988. A number of these self-propelled howitzers were exported to United Arab Emirates and Oman.

   The G6 Rhino is fitted with a 155-mm gun-howitzer, developed from the G5 towed gun-howitzer and additionally fitted with semi-automatic loading system and fume extractor. The G6 Rhino fires HE-FRAG, smoke, illumination and incendiary rounds. It is compatible with all NATO 155-mm ammunition. A total of 47 rounds are carried. Maximum range of fire is 30 km with standard HE-FRAG projectile and 39 km with rocket-assisted. It also fires newly developed velocity enhanced long range projectiles with a maximum range of 50 km.

   The G6 Rhino can fire the first round within 60 seconds. Out of action time is 30 seconds, which allows to avoid counter-battery fire and gives shoot-and-scoot capability.

   Secondary armament consists of 12.7-mm machine gun, mounted on top of the roof. There are also a number of smoke grenade dischargers.

   The G6 Rhino has a welded hull and turret. Its front arc provides protection against 20-mm rounds. All-round protection is against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters. This vehicle is well protected against landmines. This artillery system is fitted with an automatic fire suppression system. An NBC protection system can also be fitted, if required. Some firing ports are provided for the crew.

   Vehicle has a crew of five, including commander, gunner, two loaders and driver.

   Unlike many other self-propelled artillery systems the G6 Rhino is based on wheeled 6x6 chassis. It is powered by a diesel engine, developing 525 hp. It is also fitted with auxiliary power unit, which powers all system when the engine is turned off.




   G6-52, South Africa's latest and most advanced artillery system. It is fitted with automated ammunition handling system. The G6-52 has a rate of fire of 8 rounds per minute and is capable of multiple round simultaneous impact firing. Maximum range of fire is 67 km with velocity enhanced long range projectiles. In terms of firing range the G6-52 outperforms any other artillery system.


Video of the G6 Rhino self-propelled gun-howitzer


G6 Rhino

G6 Rhino

G6 Rhino

G6 Rhino

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