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155-mm truck-mounted howitzer

EVA howitzer

The Slovak EVA 155-mm howitzer is mounted on a 6x6 truck chassis

Entered service ?
Crew 3 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight 22 t
Length (gun forward) m
Hull length ~ 8 m
Width ~ 2.55 m
Height ?
Main gun 155-mm
Barrel length 52 calibers
Machine guns -
Projectile weight ~ 43.5 kg
Maximum firing range 41 km
Maximum rate of fire 5 rpm
Elevation range - 3.5 to + 75 degrees
Traverse range 80 degrees
Ammunition load
Main gun 24 rounds
Machine guns -
Engine Renault Dxi7 diesel (?)
Engine power 237 hp (?)
Maximum road speed up to 90 km/h
Range 600 km
Gradient ?
Side slope ?
Vertical step ~ 0.45 m
Trench ~ 0.5 m
Fording ~ 1.2 m


   The EVA is a new Slovak truck-mounted howitzer. It has been developed by Konstrukta Defence. Development was partially funded by Slovak MoD. The EVA was developed in just 9 months. This artillery system was first publicly revealed in 2015.

   This new Slovak howitzer follows a recent trend to mount howitzers on wheeled chassis with limited armor protection, rather than on completely armored tracked chassis. Wheeled artillery systems are less expensive to produce and to maintain. However these lack off-road mobility of the tracked vehicles.

   The EVA is based on a Tatra T810 6x6 truck chassis. It is armed with a 155-mm / L52 howitzer. This artillery system is compatible with all standard NATO ammunition. The EVA uses the gun and possibly some other components of the Zuzana 2, that was previously developed by the same company. Firing envelope is 40 degrees on either side.

   This artillery system has a fully-automatic ammunition loading system. A total of 12 rounds and associated charges are stored in the autoloader. Also there are additional 12 rounds and charges carried by the vehicle and stored behind the cab.

   The EVA can launch 5 rounds within the first minute, or 12 rounds within 3 minutes. Also it can rapidly launch 4-6 round bursts against different targets. It is likely that the EVA is capable of Multiple Launch Simultaneous Impact (MRSI) firing. Once all rounds in the autoloader are launched this artillery system switches to manual loading mode. In this case maximum rate of fire is 3 rounds per minute.

   Maximum range of fire is 41 km with rocket-assisted projectile. The EVA also has a direct fire capability.

   Vehicle has an armored cab. It provides protection for the crew against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters. The howitzer can be fired from the cab of the vehicle, or remotely from the vehicle.

   It takes 2 minutes to stop and fire the first round from travelling. Redeployment time is just one minute. Brief redeployment time allows to carry out shoot-and-scoot fire missions. This artillery system can launch a couple of rounds and leave the firing position before enemy opens counter-battery fire.

   High degree of automation allowed to have a small crew. The EVA is operated by just 3 soldiers, including commander, gunner and driver.

   Most likely that this artillery system is powered by a Renaul Dxi7 turbocharged diesel engine, developing 237 hp. Vehicle is fitted with a central tyre inflation system. Vehicle can switch between 6x4 and 6x6 configurations. This artillery system can be also based on a Tatra's 8x8 chassis.

   Normally each EVA would be escorted by an ammunition supply vehicle. A battery of these artillery systems would include command vehicle, that would provide all targeting coordinates.


EVA howitzer

EVA howitzer

EVA howitzer

EVA howitzer

EVA howitzer

EVA howitzer

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