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ERC-90 F4 Sagaie

Tank destroyer

ERC-90 F4 Sagaie

The Panhard ERC-90 F4 Sagaie tank destroyer was developed as a private venture

Country of origin France
Entered service 1979
Crew 3 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight 8.1 t
Length (gun forward) 7.69 m
Hull length 5.1 m
Width 2.5 m
Height 2.25 m
Main gun 90 mm
Machine guns 1 x 7.62 mm
Elevation range - 8 to + 15 degrees
Traverse range 360 degrees
Ammunition load
Main gun 30 rounds
Machine guns 2 000 x 7.62-mm
Engine Peugeot V6 petrol
Engine power 155 hp
Maximum road speed 95 km/h
Amphibious speed on water 4.5 / 9.5 km/h
Range 700 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 30%
Vertical step 0.8 m
Trench 1.1 m
Fording Amphibious


   The ERC-90 (Engin de Reconnaissance Cannon) was developed by Panhard as a private venture in the mid 70's. First production vehicle was completed in 1979. Although the ERC range was developed specially for export as a successor to the AML range, it was also adopted by the French Army. Deliveries to the French Army commenced in 1983 and a total of 192 vehicles were delivered. These are used by marine and airborne reconnaissance units. The ERC-90 was used in most French overseas operations. Since 2020 these armored vehicles are due to be replaced by a new Jaguar reconnaissance and combat vehicle. Export operators of the ERC-90 F4 Sagaie (Dart) and its variants are Argentina (around 155 units), Chad, Cote d'Ivoire, Ecuador (10), Gabon, Mexico (around 120 units), Niger, and possibly, Iraq.

   Hull and turret of the ERC-90 are of welded steel armor construction. Though protection is limited due to the light weight of the vehicle. The ERC-90 withstands hits only from small arms fire and artillery shell splinters. Vehicle has a V-shaped hull, which provides some degree of protection against mine blasts and improvised explosive devices. The ERC-90 was fitted with NBC protection system.

   The Sagaie used by the French Army is fitted with the GIAT TS 90 turret, mounting an F4 90 mm gun. Vehicle with this turret is sometimes referred as the ERC-1 Sagaie.

   Secondary armament consists of coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun. Another 7.62 mm anti-aircraft machine gun was optional.

   Vehicle is powered by a Peugeot V6 petrol engine, developing 155 hp. The ERC-90 F4 Sagaie shares many automotive components with the Panhard VCR armored personnel carrier, developed during the same timeframe. The center road wheel each side is normally raised when traveling on flat surfaced roads in order to increase maximum speed. It is being lowered to increase cross-country mobility when the vehicle is travelling off-road, or over difficult terrain. The ERC-90 is fully amphibious without preparation. On water it is propelled by its wheels, although waterjets were available as an option.

   The ERC-90 can be airlifted by tactical transport aircraft, such as TRANSALL C-160, or Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules. Furthermore this armored vehicle can be airdropped.




   ERC-90 F4 Sagaie TTB 190, fitted with the SAMM 90 mm TTB 190 turret.

   ERC-90 F4 Sagaie 2, slightly larger with two engines and improved turret.

   ERC-90 F1 Lynx, also referred as the ERC-1 Lynx, fitted with Hispano-Suiza Lynx 90 mm turret as on AML armored car. Since 1981 Mexican Army received approximately 120 of these vehicles. Recently Mexico planned to modernize 105 of these vehicles in order to keep them in operational service.

   EMC-91 fire support vehicle, armed with 81 mm mortar in the Hispano-Suiza EMC turret. It is also referred as the EMC-81. However this artillery system was not accepted to service.

   ERC-60-20 fire support vehicle, armed with 60 mm mortar and 20 mm cannon in the Hispano-Suiza 60-20 Serval turret.

   ERC-20, anti-aircraft variant, armed with twin 20 mm cannons. It was delivered to Gabon, and possibly, some other countries.

   ERC-90 NG is an upgraded version. Letters NG in the designation stand for New Generation. It was also referred as ERC-90 Mk.2 It was first publicly revealed in 2008. It is a proposed upgrade for surviving ERC-90 series vehicles. It is fitted with add-on armor kit. Front armor withstands hits from 7.62x51 mm armor-piercing rounds. All-round protection is against 7.62x39 mm armor-piercing rounds. This vehicle has a new powerpack, including MTU diesel engine, developing 170 hp and 6-speed automatic transmission. It has a maximum speed of 95 km/h and a range of 800 km.


Video of the ERC-90 F4 Sagaie tank destroyer

ERC-90 F4 Sagaie

ERC-90 F4 Sagaie

ERC-90 F4 Sagaie

ERC-90 F4 Sagaie

ERC-90 F4 Sagaie


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