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ATMOS 2000

155 mm self-propelled gun-howitzer


The ATMOS 2000 self-propelled gun-howitzer can fire 3 rounds in 20 seconds

Entered service 2004 (?)
Crew 4 - 6 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight 22 t
Length (gun forward) 9.5 m
Hull length ?
Width 2.65 m
Height 3.24 m
Main gun 155 mm gun-howitzer
Barrel length 52 calibers
Maximum firing range 30 - 41 km
Maximum rate of fire 4 - 9 rpm
Elevation range ? to + 70 degrees
Traverse range 50 degrees
Ammunition load
Main gun 32 rounds
Engine diesel
Engine power 315 hp
Maximum road speed 80 km/h
Range 1 000 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 30%
Vertical step 0.6 m
Trench 0.9 m
Fording 1.4 m


   The ATMOS 2000 (Autonomous Truck MOunted howitzer System) self-propelled gun-howitzer was developed by Soltam as a private venture. Later this company became a part of Elbit Systems. Existence of this Israeli artillery system was revealed in 1999. However official details were released only in 2001. This SPH is aimed mainly at the export market. In 2003 an undisclosed export customer ordered an undisclosed batch of these artillery systems. In 2006 the ATMOS 2000 began trials with the Israeli Defense Forces. In 2013 deliveries commenced to Thailand.

   The ATMOS 2000 is armed with a 155 mm/L52 gun-howitzer. It was developed from the Soltam ATHOS 2052 towed howitzer, equipped with a load assisting system. It is compatible with all standard 155 mm NATO ammunition. Maximum range of fire is 30 km with standard HE projectile and 41 km with rocket assisted projectile. Vehicle carries a total of 32 projectiles and associated charges. Rate of fire is between 4 and 9 rounds per minute.

   The ATMOS 2000 is also available with different guns, including a shorter Soltam 155 mm/L39 and 155 mm/L45 guns. This artillery system can also be fitted with a Soviet M-46 130 mm gun.

   Advanced fire control system of the ATMOS 2000 receives target information from forward observers. It includes navigation and aiming systems and ballistic computer.

   Vehicle is normally operated by a crew of four, including two loaders. Cab of the ATMOS 2000 is armored and protects the crew from small arms fire and artillery shell splinters.

   The ATMOS 2000 uses Tatra T815 VVN 6x6 truck chassis. Vehicle is powered by a diesel engine, developing 315 hp. An auxiliary power unit is fitted, which prepares vehicle for firing, operates weapon elevation and traverse and powers the load assisting system when the main engine is shut down. Howitzer can be operated manually in case of emergency. This artillery system can be airlifted with a C-130 Hercules tactical transport aircraft.

   The ATMOS has been demonstrated implemented on 8x8 trucks. However this version received no production orders so far.




   ATMOS for the Thai Army has a number of improvements. It was developed in cooperation with Thailand's military industrial complex. Its development commenced in 2012 and the new truck mounted howitzer was revealed in 2013. This artillery system has a shorter 155 mm/L39 gun. It is fitted with an armored cab. Many of the gun's systems are automated. It is operated by a crew of three or four men. The Thai ATMOS will be license-produced in Thailand. By 2016 it is planned to deliver first five artillery systems of Thai origin. Currently Thai Army requirement is only for six of these artillery systems;

   ATROM, Romanian variant of the ATMOS 2000, mounted on a locally developed truck chassis.


Video of the ATMOS 2000 self-propelled artillery system





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