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Multiple launch rocket system


The ASTROS III MLRS has significant increase in firepower comparing with its predecessor

ASTROS III SS-60 on 8x8 chassis
Country of origin Brazil
Entered service -
Crew 3 ~ 4 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight ~ 35 t
Length ?
Width ?
Height ?
Caliber 300 mm
Number of tubes 12
Rocket weight ?
Warhead weight ?
Firing range 20 - 60 km
Full salvo duration ?
Reloading time ?
Engine diesel
Engine power 640 hp
Maximum road speed 80 ~ 90 km/h
Range ~ 800 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 30%
Vertical step ~ 0.6 m
Trench ~ 2 m
Fording ~ 1.2 m


   The ASTROS III or Artillery SaTuration ROcket System is currently under development by Brazilian Avibras. This artillery rocket system is also referred as ASTROS 2020. It is a further development of commercially successful ASTROS II. The ASTROS III is a more capable new generation design, developed mainly for export market.

   The common ASTROS III launcher can take a number of rocket pods with various rockets. It fires five types of rockets and two types of guided missiles.

   - SS-30 127 mm rockets with a maximum range of 30 km, 84 rockets carried;

   - SS-40 180 mm rockets with a maximum range of 35 km, 40 rockets carried;

   - SS-60 300 mm rockets with a maximum range of 60 km, 12 rockets carried;

   - SS-80 300 mm extended-range rockets with a maximum range of 90 km, 12 rockets carried;

   - SS-150 newly developed rockets with a claimed maximum range of 150 km. Four of them are carried;

   - FOG-MPM or Fiber Optic Guided Multi-Purpose Missile. It is anti-tank and anti-helicopter missile, developed since the mid-1980s. The FOG-MPM can also engage slower mowing air targets. This missile is 1.8 m long and has a launch weight of about 40 kg. Missile diameter is 0.18 m. Its reported maximum range is 20-40 km. The ASTROS III carries 40 of these missiles;

   - AV/MT (AVibras Missil Tactico) or Matador tactical missile is still under development. This cruise missile has a greater range and better accuracy than current rockets. Its claimed range is 300 km and it can be fitted with a variety of warheads. Four of these missiles are carried.

   It is worth mentioning that rockets and missile of the ASTROS III are compatible with the ASTROS II, however new MLRS carries significantly more of them. Secondary armament consists 12.7 mm machine gun, mounted on the cab roof. Vehicle is also fitted with smoke grenade dischargers.

   The ASTROS III is based on a 8x8 wheeled chassis. The 8x8 chassis was selected because of increased payload and and enhanced mobility. Vehicle has a fully enclosed armored cab. It is powered by a diesel engine, developing 640 hp. Four hydraulic stabilizers are lowered to the ground to provide more stable firing platform. All launching procedures are made from the inside of the vehicle.

   The ASTROS III is supported by a reloading vehicle, based on the same 8x8 wheeled chassis. A battery of launching vehicles has a fire control vehicle and some other associated support vehicles.




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FOG-MPM guided missile

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AV-MT Matador tactical missile

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