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Multiple launch rocket system


The A300 artillery rocket systems has the longest range in the world

Country of origin China
Entered service ?
Crew 5 men (?)
Dimensions and weight
Weight ~ 40 t
Length ~ 12 m
Width ~ 3 m
Height ~ 3 m
Caliber 300 mm
Number of tubes 8
Rocket weight over 800 kg
Warhead weight 150 kg
Firing range 20 - 290 km
Full salvo duration 50 s
Reloading time ~ 8 minutes
Engine Deutz diesel
Engine power 517 hp
Maximum road speed ~ 70 km/h
Range ~ 1 000 km
Gradient 45%
Side slope 30%
Vertical step ~ 0.6 m
Trench ~ 2 m
Fording 1.1 m


   The A300 is one of the latest Chinese artillery rocket systems. Recently a large number of new artillery rocket systems of various calibers were developed in China. Actually the A300 is an export name. It is a further development of the A200. The new system has increased range of fire. It is being proposed for export customers. In 2015 it has been reported that Chinese army will purchase this system.

   The A300 is designed to attack important area targets well behind the enemy lines. Such heavy artillery rocket systems are extremely effective against large area targets, such as concentration of troops or armored vehicles, artillery and air defense batteries, airfields, command posts, ammunition depots, support facilities and other important military targets. Due to its range and powerful warhead the A300 might be one of the deadliest artillery rocket systems in the world.

   The launcher vehicle carries 2 pods with four 300 mm rockets each. It has been reported that the A300 is a modular system, that can also use pods of A200 and possibly other calibers.

   The A300 has a maximum range to 290 km, opposed to 200 km of the earlier A200. The A300 has a larger engine than its predecessor. Currently this Chinese artillery rocket system has the longest range in the world.

   The A300 rocket carries a 150 kg warhead. It is believed that several types of warheads are available.

   Rocket of the A300 has inertial and GPS guidance. CEP is about 30 to 45 meters. So these rockets are very accurate even at maximum range. It has been reported that these rockets maneuver in flight in order to overcome air defenses.

   Launcher is capable of single or salvo firing. It takes 50 seconds to launch a full salvo of 8 rockets. It is claimed that each rocket can be targeted individually. So the A300 can hit up to 8 different targets simultaneously.

   This artillery system is operated by a crew of 5, including commander, driver and operators. Rockets can be launched directly from the cab, or remotely from the vehicle, by using a remote control unit.

   A launcher of the A300 system is based on Taian TA5450 8x8 heavy high mobility vehicle. This vehicle has a fullt-time all wheel drive and is fitted with a central tyre inflation system. It has a good cross-country mobility and can operate off-road.

   This artillery rocket system is well suited for shoot-and-scoot missions. From travelling it takes only a couple of minutes to prepare the launcher vehicle for launch. Once the rockets are fired vehicle can briefly redeploy in order to avoid counter-battery fire. Also it might be a hard nut for the enemy to intercept due to its extremely long range.

   Each A300 launcher is supported by an associated reloading vehicle. It is based on the same 8x8 high mobility chassis, is fitted with a hydraulic crane and carries a full set of reload rockets. Reloading usually takes place away from the firing position in order to avoid counter-battery fire.

   A battery of A300 launchers is also supported by command post vehicle, based on 6x6 high mobility chassis. However in case of emergency each launcher vehicle can operate autonomously.




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