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Wiesel 1

Airportable armored vehicle

Wiesel 1

The Wiesel 1 airportable armored vehicle is used for a wide range of missions

Reconnaissance variant with 20-mm cannon
Entered service 1982
Crew 2 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight 2.8 t
Length 3.26 m
Width 1.8 m
Height 1.9 m
Main gun 20-mm cannon (400 rounds)
Engine Volkswagen 2.1-liter diesel
Engine power 86 hp
Maximum road speed 85 km/h
Range 300 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 30%
Vertical step 0.4 m
Trench 1.2 m
Fording 0.5 m
Fording (with preparation) Amphibious


   The Wiesel 1 (weasel) airportable armored vehicle was developed by Porsche at the end of 1970s. It entered service with German airborne units in 1982. Production of the Wiesel 1 ended in 1993. Over 300 of these vehicles were built. The US Army has taken delivery of a small number of vehicles for use in extensive Robotic trials.

   The Wiesel is used for a wide range of missions, including armored reconnaissance, command and control, battlefield surveillance, resupply, recovery, and as an anti-tank guided weapon carrier.

   Due to its light weight of less than 3 tons, vehicle provides protection against small arms fire and artillery splinters only. The Wiesel 1 also lacks NBC protection system.

   There are two most common armament configurations of the Wiesel 1 in service with German army - the fire support vehicle, armed with a 20-mm cannon and TOW ATGM carrier. Various armament fits are carried by the Wiesel, including machine guns, anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles.

   The Wiesel 1 is powered by a Volkswagen 2.1-liter diesel engine, developing 86 horsepower. Engine and transmission can be replaced in field conditions during 15 minutes. Vehicle has good cross-country performance due to its low weight, tracked configuration and consequently low ground pressure. Flotation kit can be fitted to cross water obstacles. On water vehicle is powered by its tracks.

   The Wiesel 1 can be airlifted by aircraft and even helicopters. The CH-53 can transport two Wiesels. It can also be carried by helicopters underslung.




   armored reconnaissance vehicle, fitted with 20-mm cannon;

   MK20 - fire support vehicle, fitted with 20-mm cannon;

   MK20 Variant 1 - improved fire support vehicle;

   MK25 - fire support vehicle, fitted with 25-mm cannon;

   ATM HOT - ATGW carrier, fitted with HOT missiles;

   ATM HOT Variant 1 - fitted with the UTM 800 turret;

   ATM TOW - ATGW carrier, fitted with TOW missiles;

   ATM TOW Resupply - TOW resupply vehicle;

   BTM208 - fitted with a BTM208 turret armed with 12.7-mm and 7.62-mm machine guns;

   Radar - battlefield surveillance vehicle, fitted with RATAC-S multi-purpose radar;

   recovery vehicle;


   air defense vehicle, fitted with SAAB Bofors Dynamics RBS-70 surface-to-air missile system;

   Wiesel 2 is a further development of the Wiesel 1.


Video of the Wiesel 1 airportable armored vehicle

Wiesel 1

Wiesel 1

Wiesel 1

Wiesel 1

Wiesel 1

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