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Infantry fighting vehicle

Ulan IFV

The Ulan infantry fighting vehicle evolved from the Austrian-Spanish ASCOD project

Entered service 1996
Crew 3 men
Personnel 8 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight 28 t
Length 7 m
Width 3.15 m
Height 2.65 m
Main gun 30-mm cannon
Machine guns 1 x 7.62-mm
Engine MTU series 199 diesel
Engine power 720 hp
Maximum road speed 70 km/h
Range 500 km
Gradient 75%
Side slope 40%
Vertical step 0.95 m
Trench 2.5 m
Fording 1.2 m


   The Ulan infantry fighting vehicle evolved from the Austrian-Spanish ASCOD project. Austrian Army ordered these vehicles in 1999. A total of 112 Ulan vehicles were produced by Steyr and delivered to the Austrian Army. Deliveries commenced in 2002. A broadly similar IFV, the Pizarro, was simultaneously delivered to the Spanish Army.

   Vehicle is completed with a 30-mm Mauser cannon. Ulan carrier 205 rounds for the main gun. There is also a coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun. Vehicle comes with a modern fire control system.

   Such armament is comparable to that of the M2 Bradley IFV, however during Norwegian vehicles trial Ulan lost to the Swedish CV 90.

   The Ulan infantry fighting vehicle's thick front armor protects against 14.5-mm bullets. Add-on steel plates, if fitted, protect from the 30-mm rounds. However all-round protection is against 7.62-mm bullets only.

   The Ulan infantry fighting vehicle is powered by a German MTU series 199 diesel engine, developing 720 horsepower. Engine is mounted at the front. It is worth mentioning that the Spanish Pizarro is powered by a different 600 hp unit. Both vehicles have excellent mobility. Vehicle is not amphibious.

   General Dynamics developed an improved Ulan Phase 2 vehicle (Ulan 2). However Austrian MoD was not willing to order this vehicle. There was also a version, fitted with the Russian BMP-3 turret and additional armor.


Video of the Ulan infantry fighting vehicle


Ulan IFV

Ulan IFV

Ulan IFV

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