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Mine resistant ambush protected vehicle

Nexter TITUS

The Nexter TITUS combines features of both MRAP and armored personnel carrier

Entered service ?
Crew 3 men
Personnel 10 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight (empty) 17 - 23 t
Length 7.55 m
Width 2.55 m
Height 2.73 m
Main gun 20-mm
Machine guns 1 x 7.62-mm
Engine Cummins diesel
Engine power 440 hp
Maximum road speed 110 km/h
Range 700 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 30%
Vertical step ~ 0.55 m
Trench ~ 1.2 m
Fording ~ 1.2 m


   The TITUS (Tactical Infantry Transport and Utility System) mine resistant ambush protected vehicle was developed by Nexter. It was developed as a private venture and is mainly aimed at export customers. Development commenced in 2010. The TITUS was publicly revealed in 2013.

  The TITUS combines features of both MRAP and armored personnel carrier. This low-cost vehicle is a great proposal for countries, that can not afford both dedicated APCs and MRAP vehicles. There are more similar vehicles of this unique class, such as the Serbian Lazar and South African Mbombe and RG-35. This vehicle is capable of troop and cargo transport, medical evacuation, combat support and counter-insurgency operations.

   Vehicle has a welded steel hull. A baseline version provides all-round protection against 7.62-mm armor-piercing rounds. Up to 6 t of add-on patented SAFEPRO armor can be fitted for a higher level of protection. With add-on armor fitted the TITUS provides all-round protection from 14.5-mm rounds. Bar armor can be fitted for protection against RPG rounds, as well as optional PG Guard protection. The PG Guard is capable of withstanding 2-4 RPG rounds per square meter.

   This French armored vehicle has a V-shaped hull for improved protection against mines and IED blasts. It withstands a blast equivalent to 10 kg of TNT anywhere under the hull. It is also claimed that with add-on SAFEPRO armor TITUS survives nearby explosions equivalent to 150 kg of TNT. Jammers and shot detectors can be fitted for counter-insurgency operations.

   The first prototype is fitted with Nexter ARX20 remotely controlled module, armed with 20-mm cannon and coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun. Other remotely controlled weapon stations can be also fitted. Also there are two additional remotely controlled machine guns, mounted at the rear and controlled by the troops. These are proposed as an option.

   The vehicle is fully integrated with modern navigation battlefield management systems.

   This French MRAP has a crew of three including commander, driver and gunner. It carries 10 fully-equipped troops. Passengers enter and leave the vehicle via rear ramp. Also there are two side doors for driver and gunner. Also there are some roof hatches for observation and emergency exit.

   The TITUS has modular design. It seems that the rear end of the vehicle is interchangeable. Cargo module or special equipment module can be fitted in place of the troop compartment.

   Unusual chassis of the TITUS was developed by Tatra. Vehicle has a 6x4 configuration on roads which is switched to 6x6 while driving over rough terrain. with full-time all-wheel drive. Weight of the vehicle is evenly distributed due to the second axle, which is located directly in the middle between first and third axles. Such design is unusual for armored vehicles.

   Baseline versions of the TITUS is powered by Cummins turbocharged diesel engine, developing 440 hp. A more powerful engine, developing 550 hp is proposed as an option. Engine is located at the front. It is mated to Allison automatic transmission. Front and rear wheels are steered. It is claimed that the TITUS has good cross-country mobility. Vehicle is fitted with a central tyre inflation system. A dozer blade can be fitted at the front.

   There is an internal security variant of the Nexter TITUS.


Video of the Nexter TITUS mine resistant ambush protected vehicle

Nexter TITUS

Nexter TITUS

Nexter TITUS

Nexter TITUS

Nexter TITUS

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