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New Chinese Airborne Command Vehicle

Armored command vehicle

Chinese airborne command vehicle

This airborne command vehicle is used as tactical operations center

Country of origin China
Entered service ?
Crew ~ 5
Dimensions and weight
Weight ~ 12 t
Length ?
Width ?
Height ?
Machine guns -
Engine diesel
Engine power ?
Maximum road speed ~ 68 km/h
Amphibious speed on water ~ 6 km/h
Range ~ 600 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 30%
Vertical step ~ 0.7 m
Trench ~ 1.8 m
Fording Amphibious


   In 2020 a new Chinese airportable armored command vehicle was observed. It is based on the ZLC-2000 airborne combat vehicle chassis. It lacks turret but is fitted with a raised superstructure at the rear to accommodate staff. This armored vehicle is used as a tactical operations center.

   Armor protection of this vehicle is limited due to its low weight required for airborne operations.

   It is estimated that this armored vehicle is operated by a crew of around 5. Onboard there could be map boards, folding tables, computers, radio and other command and control equipment.

   This armored vehicle has got no defensive armament. There are some firing ports provided for the crew to fire their individual weapons.

   Engine compartment is located at the front. This armored vehicle is powered by an unspecified diesel engine. This airborne vehicle has a hydropneumatic suspension system with adjustable ground clearance. Its tracks are retracted before airdropping to reduce the impact during landing. Despite its bulky appearance this vehicle is fully amphibious. On water it is propelled by its tracks.

   This armored vehicle can be airdropped from any medium transport aircraft using parachute platform. The IL-76MD can carry three of these vehicles. The new China's Y-20 military transport aircraft can also carry this armored vehicles. Unlike the latest Russian designs the China's airportable vehicles are airdropped separately from the crew.



Chinese airborne command vehicle

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