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Marder CCV/Evolution

Infantry fighting vehicle

Marder CCV/Evolution

The upgraded Marder IFV was originally tailored to meet Canadian armed forces requirement

Entered service ?
Crew 3 men
Personnel 7 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight ~ 38 t
Length ~ 6.9 m
Width ~ 3.6 m
Height ~ 3 m
Main gun 30-mm
Machine guns 1 x 7.62-mm
Engine MTU MB 883 diesel
Engine power 600 - 680 hp
Maximum road speed ~ 70 km/h
Range ~ 500 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 30%
Vertical step 1 m
Trench 2.5 m
Fording 1.5 m


   The ageing Marder IFV is being replaced in the German Army service with the new Puma. There are a number of surplus Marders that are currently in storage, that can be overhauled, upgraded and sold to new customers. Recently Rheinmetall developed an upgraded version of the Marder IFV. It was first revealed in 2012, and referred as Marder Close Combat Vehicle or CCV.

   This upgraded was originally tailored to meet Canadian armed forces requirement for a Close Combat Vehicle. Canadians were looking for a highly mobile and well protected infantry fighting vehicle in a weight class of 30-45 t, to accompany their main battle tanks. Canadian armed forces had a requirement for 108 vehicles. However eventually the Rheinmetall received no production orders from Canada. Currently these upgraded armored vehicles are being proposed for various operators as the Marder Evolution. It is offered as a cheaper alternative to the Puma IFV.

   The Marder IFV has been extensively redesigned and upgraded. It has been massively up-armored. The Marder CCV/Evolution is fitted with modular add-on armor. All-round protection is against 14.5-mm armor-piercing rounds. It is claimed that add-on armor also offers protection against RPG rounds. Protection against landmines and IED blasts has also been improved. Vehicle withstands blasts equivalent to 8 kg of TNT. Troops are seated on blast protected seats, that are attached to the roof rather than the floor. Vehicle is also fitted with NBC protection system.

   A baseline armored personnel carrier is armed with a remotely-controlled 12.7-mm machine gun. An infantry fighting vehicle version is fitted with a Lance unmanned turret. It is armed with a fully-stabilized 30-mm automatic cannon and coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun. The gun has elevation angles up to +60. It improves capabilities in urban environment and mountainous terrain. The Lance turret is also fitted with modern optics and other systems.

   The Marder Close Combat Vehicle accommodates a crew of three and 7 dismounts. Troops enter and leave the vehicle via a rear power-operated ramp. Also there are roof hatches for observation, firing and emergency exit.

   Engine of the Marder Evolution has also been upgraded. Vehicle is powered by an MTU MB 883 turbocharged diesel engine, developing 600 - 680 hp, depending on the version. Engine is mated to an automatic transmission.




   Armored personnel carrier, fitted with M151 Protector remotely controlled weapon station, armed with a 12.7-mm machine gun. A hull roof has been raised for greater internal volume. It has a crew of two and accommodates 8 fully-equipped troop;

   Infantry fighting vehicle (described in this article);

   Light tank, armed with a 105-mm gun in a new turret. Rheinmetall also developed a light tank version.


Marder CCV/Evolution

Marder CCV/Evolution

Marder CCV/Evolution

Marder CCV/Evolution



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