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Armored personnel carrier


The Australian M113AS4 APC is fitted with new engine, transmission and drivetrain

Entered service 2007
Crew 2 men
Personnel ~ 10 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight 18 t
Length 6 m
Width 2.62 m
Height 2.6 m
Machine guns 1 x 12.7-mm (1 200 rounds)
Engine MTU 6V199TE diesel
Engine power 350 hp
Maximum road speed 65 km/h
Range ~ 500 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 30%
Vertical step 0.6 m
Trench 1.8 ~ 1.9 m
Fording 1.6 m


   The M113AS4 is an Australian upgrade of the American M113A1 armored personnel carrier, which was introduced in the mid-1960s. Currently Australian Army operates about 700 ageing M113A1s. These are used in armored reconnaissance and armored personnel carrier roles. A total of 431 M113A1s will be upgraded to M113AS3 or M113AS4 standard under the LAND 106 program, allowing active service until at least 2020. First initial production vehicles were delivered in 2007.

  Upgrade involves fitting new engine, transmission and drivetrain. The M113AS4 is lengthened to fit an additional pair of road wheels and has improved carrying capacity. Upgrade also provides enhancement in firepower. The M113AS4 is fitted with a new one-man turret, armed with a heavy machine gun. It is worth mentioning, that Australian Army uses armored personnel carriers for light infantry fire support.

   Protection of the upgraded APC was enhanced by add-on ceramic armor tiles. Hull was reinforced for additional protection against landmines and IED blasts. Interior was fitted with spall liner. Vehicle's hull provides protection against up to 14.5-mm rounds.

   Interior of the stretched APC was also improved, as well as habitability for the passengers. Troops enter and leave the vehicle via the rear ramp or roof hatches. Ramp is completed with emergency exit doors.

   This armored personnel carrier is powered by an MTU 6V199TE turbocharged diesel engine, developing 350 hp. This armored vehicle is fully airportable.

   The M113AS4 armored personnel carrier is the most common variant. A total of 171 APCs will be rebuilt to this standard. However this family of armored vehicles includes a number of other specialized variants.




   M113AS4 AF armored fitted, fitted with a Hiab crane. A total of 38 of these vehicles will be delivered;

   M113AS4 ARVL armored recovery vehicle, fitted with a 13 t capacity winch. A total of 12 of these vehicles will be delivered;

   M113AS4 AA armored ambulance. A total of 15 of these vehicles will be delivered;

   M113AS4 ACV armored command vehicle. A total of 43 of these vehicles will be delivered;

   M113AS4 ALV armored logistics vehicle. It can take all types of combat supplies and carry them under armor. A total of 50 of these vehicles will be delivered.


Video of the M113AS4 armored personnel carrier








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