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Armored reconnaissance vehicle

Luchs reconnaissance vehicle

The Luchs armored reconnaissance vehicle remain in service with the German Army

Entered service 1973
Crew 4 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight 19.5 t
Length 7.74 m
Width 2.98 m
Height 2.84 m
Main gun 20-mm cannon
Machine guns 1 x 7.62-mm
Ammunition load
Main gun 400 rounds
Machine guns 2 000 rounds
Engine Mercedes-Benz OM 403A diesel
Engine power 390 hp
Maximum road speed 90 km/h
Amphibious speed on water 10 km/h
Range 800 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 30%
Vertical step 0.8 m
Trench 1.9 m
Fording Amphibious


   The Luchs (lynx) armored reconnaissance vehicle was developed by Mercedes-Benz in the late 60s. It entered service with the Bundeswehr in 1973. Production ceased in 1978. A total of 408 vehicles were built. This reconnaissance vehicle was partially replaced by the Fennek, however a number of these vehicles remain in German Army service.

   Armored hull protects the crew from small arms fire and artillery shell splinters. Frontal arc provides protection against 20-mm armor-piercing rounds. Vehicle is fitted with an NBC protection system.

   The Luchs armored reconnaissance vehicle is armed with a non-stabilized MK-20Rh-202 20-mm cannon. The same cannon is used on the Marder IFV. The Luchs is also fitted with 7.62-mm machine gun, mounted on top of the roof.

   One interesting feature of the Luchs is that it has two driving positions, one at the front and at the rear of the hull and two drivers. The second driver also acts as a radio operator. In case of emergency he drives this vehicle backwards without making a turn. The Luchs can move backwards at the same speed as forward. Furthermore this reconnaissance vehicle is characterized by its low-noise running.

   Vehicle is powered by the Mercedes-Benz OM 403A multi-fuel diesel engine, developing 300 hp with petrol and 390 hp with diesel. Engine is located in the middle of the hull. This engine is built in one module with transmission and can be easily replaced in field conditions. At speeds up to 50 km/h all axles of this 8x8 vehicle are steered. The Luchs is fully amphibious. On water it is propelled by two waterjets.




   Luchs A1, first combat effectiveness upgrade. It was made in 1986. Vehicle was fitted with thermal observation and gunnery system;

   Luchs A2, further upgrade, fitted with new radio system.


Video of the Luchs armored reconnaissance vehicle


Luchs reconnaissance vehicle

Luchs reconnaissance vehicle

Luchs reconnaissance vehicle

Luchs reconnaissance vehicle

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