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Armored personnel carrier


The BMR-600 armored personnel carrier is armed with remotely controlled 12.7-mm MG

Entered service 1979
Crew 2 men
Personnel 11 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight 14.5 t
Length 6.15 m
Width 2.5 m
Height 2.36 m
Machine guns 1 x 12.7-mm (600 rounds)
Engine Pegaso 9157/8 diesel
Engine power 310 hp
Maximum road speed 103 km/h
Amphibious speed on water 10 km/h
Range 1 000 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 40%
Vertical step 0.6 m
Trench 1.5 m
Fording Amphibious


   Prototype of the BMR-600 (Blindado Medio Ruedas) armored personnel carrier was built in 1975. It was accepted to service with the Spanish Army and production commenced in 1979. Export customers are Egypt, Mexico, Morocco, Peru and Saudi Arabia. More than 1 500 BMR-600 armored personnel carriers were built for the Spanish Army and export customers.

   The BMR-600 is armed with a single remotely controlled 12.7-mm machine gun.

   Aluminum armor of the BMR-600 protects from small arms fire and artillery shell splinters. Vehicle is fitted with an NBC protection system.

   The BMR-600 has a crew of two and can carry 11 troops. Troops enter and leave the vehicle through the rear ramp doors or roof hatches. A single firing port is provided from each side of the hull.

   The BMR-600 is powered by the Pegaso 9157/8 diesel engine, developing 310 hp. Vehicle is fitted with hydropneumatic suspension with adjustable ground clearance. The BMR-600 APC is fully amphibious. On water it is propelled by two waterjets.




   BMR M1 armored personnel carrier. It is a recent upgrade of the BMR-600 with new Scania DS9 diesel engine, developing 310 hp and additional passive armor. Over 600 Spanish BMR-600s were upgraded to this standard;

   VEC armored reconnaissance vehicle;

   BMR-PM-81 mortar carrier, fitted with 81-mm mortar;

   BMR-PM-120 mortar carrier, fitted with 120-mm mortar;

   BMR-AMB ambulance;

   BMR-PC command vehicle;

   BMR GEL, electronic warfare vehicle;

   BMR VRAC-NBQ, NBC reconnaissance vehicle;

   BMR VCZ engineering vehicle, fitted with dozer blade and winch;

   BMR-Recup recovery vehicle;

   Artillery control vehicle;

   Communication vehicle;

   Fire support vehicle, fitted with 90-mm gun;

   ATGW carrier, fitted with TOW or MILAN anti-tank missiles.


Video of the BMR-600 armored personnel carrier





BMR-600 ambulance

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