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Armored personnel carrier


The ASLAV-PC armored personnel carrier is a member of the ASLAV family

Entered service 1990s
Crew 2 men
Personnel 7 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight 13 t
Length ?
Width ?
Height ?
Machine guns 1 x 12.7-mm
Engine Detroit Diesel 6V53T
Engine power 275 hp
Maximum road speed 100 km/h
Amphibious speed on water 10 km/h
Range 660 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 30%
Vertical step ~ 0.6 m
Trench 2 m
Fording Amphibious


   The ASLAV-PC armored personnel carrier is a member of Australian armored vehicles family. This vehicle is generally based on the Canadian Bison APC.

   Vehicle has no turret, but a raised superstructure over the troops compartment. The ASLAV-PC can be fitted with slat armor if necessary, which provides protection against RPG rounds.

   The main armament is a pintle-mounted 12.7-mm machine gun. Currently most of the vehicles are retrofitted with remotely controlled weapon stations fitted with either a 12.7-mm machine gun, 7.62-mm machine gun or 40-mm automatic grenade launcher. It can be operated remotely from behind armor protection.

   The ASLAV-PC has a crew of two and can carry seven fully equipped troops. Occupants enter and leave the vehicle through the rear ramp or roof hatches. There is no provision for the troops to use their weapons behind armor.

   Vehicle is powered by the Detroit Diesel 6V53T diesel engine, developing 275 horsepower. It is capable of either four or eight wheel drive. The ASLAV-PC is fully-amphibious with 3 minute preparation.


Variants of the ASLAV family


   ASLAV-25 reconnaissance vehicle;

   ASLAV-PC armored personnel (described in this article);

   ASLAV-C command vehicle;

   ASLAV-S surveillance vehicle. It entered service with Australian Army in 2014;

   ASLAV-A armored ambulance;

   ASLAV-F maintenance support vehicle;

   ASLAV-R recovery vehicle;

   Mortar carrier, fitted with a 120-mm mortar (prototype only);

   ATGW carrier with TOW turret (prototype only).






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