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Myasischev M-55 Geophysica

Reconnaissance aircraft

M-55 Geophysica

The M-55 Geophysica reconnaissance aircraft remains in service with the Russian Air Force

Entered service Early 1990s
Crew 1 men
Dimensions and weight
Length 22.9 m
Wing span 37.5 m
Height 4.8 m
Weight (empty) 11.9 t
Weight (maximum take off) 24 t
Engines and performance
Engines 2 x Aviadvigatel PS-30
Traction 2 x 98 kN
Maximum speed 750 km/h
Service ceiling 21.5 km
Range 4 800 km
Combat radius ?
Endurance 6 hours 30 minutes


   The Myasischev M-55 Geopsysica (Geophysics), NATO designation Mystic-B, is a high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft. It is a further development of the M-17 Stratosphera (Mystic-A), but fitted with two engines instead of one and has greater take off weight. Aircraft made its maiden flight in 1988. It is similar in design and mission to the Lockheed U-2. After collapse of the Soviet Union military demand dropped and only few of these aircraft were built, however it remains in service with the Russian Air Force. Officially these spy planes perform scientific research roles.

   The M-55 Geophysica is a high-altitude, subsonic, single seat-aircraft, fitted with two Aviadvigatel PS-30 turbojet engines. These are mounted side-by-side behind a raised cockpit.

   This spy plane can carry 1 500 kg of sensors. Special pods with various equipment can be fitted. During flight reconnaissance equipment operates automatically. Data is transmitted through the communication channel. It has a flight endurance of 6 hours 30 minutes.

   It is considered that the Geophysica is inferior to the US U-2R in performance, avionics and reconnaissance capability.

   A two-seat version was under development. Also a M-55RTR high-altitude ELINT version of the Mystic was proposed to India.

   It is believed that Myasischev design bureau is currently developing new reconnaissance aircraft, known as the M-60.


M-55 Geophysica

M-55 Geophysica

M-55 Geophysica

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