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Aermacchi MB-339

Basic and advanced trainer

Aermacchi MB-339 trainer

The Italian Aermacchi MB-339 basic and advanced trainer aircraft

Entered service 1979
Crew 2 men
Dimensions and weight
Length 11.24 m
Wing span 10.86 m
Height 3.99 m
Weight (empty) 3.4 t
Weight (maximum take off) 6.3 t
Engines and performance
Engines 1 x Piaggio (Rolls-Royce) Viper Mk 680-43 turbojet
Traction (dry) 19.57 kN
Maximum speed 817 km/h
Combat radius 500 km
Cannon podded cannon or machine guns
Missiles MATRA R550 Magic 2 or AIM-9L/P air-to-air missiles
Bombs Mk 80 series bombs
Other rocket pods


   Following prolonged studies Aermacchi flew the prototype MB-339 trainer on 12 August 1976. The type was developed from the company's previous successful MB-326 design; the chief modification compared with the MB-326 was the redesign of the tandem cockpits to give the instructor a good view ahead over the helmet of the pupil. Directional stability was maintained by a larger fin and canted ventral fins, and standard equipment included the Viper Mk 632 engine and Mk 10F zero/zero seat.

   The first of 100 MB-339A trainers for the Italian air force (AMI) was handed over on 8 August 1979. Other AMI variants include the MB-339PAN of the Frecce Tricolori aerobatic team and the MB-339RM calibration aircraft. In addition, aircraft generally similar to MB-339A standard have been widely exported to customers which include Argentina, Dubai, Ghana, Malaysia, Nigeria, Peru and the UAE.

   Aermacchi also produced the MB-339B, with upgraded advanced MB-339C. Variants of the MB-339C include the MB-339CD for advanced/fighter lead-in training and its MB-339FD export equivalent, with a fully digital cockpit, and the MB-339CB which has been delivered to New Zealand. Eritrea received six MB-339E non-digital variants of the MB-339C.

   Developed in 1995 from an MB-339A, the MB-339AM is a variant specialized for anti-ship attack and armed with two Marte Mk 2A missiles. On 30 May 1980 the prototype MB-339K Veltro 2 entered flight testing. The forward fuselage was broadly similar to that of the MB-326K with a single-seat cockpit and two 30-mm guns below. Advanced avionics, comprehensive weapons compatibility and a rugged airframe failed to tempt customers, however, and the variant was quietly dropped.


Video of the Aermacchi MB-339 basic and advanced trainer aircraft

Aermacchi MB-339 trainer

Aermacchi MB-339 trainer

Aermacchi MB-339 trainer

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