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The Tiger

The Tiger

The Tiger, author of numerous military-related articles


   I bet you would like to know about the Tiger, author of numerous articles, published on Military-Today.com website.

   Tiger is a very mysterious person. For some reason writers from the United States of America don't want to disclose their identities. As he explains himself - in this age of hackers and stalkers it is best to keep your identity in secrecy for security reasons. So he uses a pen name instead. So let's leave it this way.

   Tiger was born in the USA, in the state of Missouri. Currently he lives in the state of North Carolina. He has been interested in military equipment from a young age. Tiger has several ancestors who served in the US Navy, Army and Air Force. One of his uncles was in the Navy during the 1960s. Another uncle was in the Air Force. His father served in the Army. So his relatives also helped to spark his interest in weapons and military equipment. His passing interest gradually tuned into a serious hobby. His other interests include history, exercise and writing.

   His education had to do little with weaponry. Instead he pursued military equipment on his own. Tiger has got no military background. As he tells himself, he would probably not join the military if he had the chance. The main reason is that he does not agree with all that military does and stands for. However he has got deep knowledge regarding weapons.

   Tiger is most interested in either modern or World War II-era weaponry. "My favorite category of weapons is probably firearms" - he says. He knows a lot about them, although missiles are a close second. Generally he wrote about more famous and important weapons that Military-Today has not covered yet, although sometimes he writes about rarer weapons.

   I was always wondering where Tiger gets all the inspiration to write on military subjects. It appears that the love of knowledge and learning inspires him to write.

   For all those hundreds and thousands of people, who read his articles, Tiger says - "continue to keep up to date with Military-Today and modern weapons in general".