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Blacktail, author of numerous military-related articles


   I bet you would like to know about Blacktail, author of numerous articles, published on Military-Today.com website.

   Blactail is a very mysterious person. He is well known for specific audience, interested in weapons and military equipment. Also he is writing articles for Military-Today. However this person prefers to keep his identity in secrecy. So let's leave it this way.

   Blacktail lives in Los Angeles County, in Southern California. His interest in military equipment and affairs came from his father, who was an officer in the US Navy, and served on a Gearing class destroyer in the 1950s.

   Blacktail himself has no military, government or industrial background. However his knowledge regarding weapon and military equipment is simply astonishing. At some point in life he had no shortage of free time or sources, so he accumulated enormous amount of information on military affairs. For a long time he sat on that knowledge without applying it.

   "I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but I took an interest in military misconduct at some point in the mid-2000s" - says Blacktail. He was particularly concerned about the design, procurement, and application of weapon systems. "It bothered me that so few people were aware of these issues, and that they seemingly received little media attention" - says Blacktail. So the took it upon himself and created presentations to expose the problems.

   Blacktail has deep knowledge in rare military machines, prototypes and developments, that many people have never heard of before. Also he knows a lot of interesting facts about well known weapons. "I write only what I personally study and verify" - says Blacktail. Also he has corresponded on many issues with other military experts.

   "I have taken a different approach in writing articles for Military-Today, as the site strives to maintain a neutral and analytical stance" - says Blacktail. He wrote a number of articles on military hardware that's very obscure, produced by "third party" vendors of both. Occasionally he submits articles on better-known systems that haven't already been covered on Military-Today.

   Blacktail demonstrates an excellent understanding of the way how weapons operate, their historical background, and is capable serious analysis. Furthermore he tells the story in his own way. I have to say that Blacktail is rather unique among military experts, as many others are not equally knowledgeable. Channels like Discovery are asking him for an interview.

   Blacktail runs a great YouTube channel,called BlacktailDefense. It has nearly 500 videos and lots of information on weapons and military equipment. And you won't find anywhere else some of that information. His channel is almost exclusively dedicated to military misconduct, mostly concerning issues with the Stryker, Bradley fighting vehicle and M1 Abrams tank. His views are often at odds with those that are widely accepted. Consequently he became a controversial figure on the internet. His channel is constantly updated and many people love it.

   Make sure to check out his YouTube channel (BlacktailDefense).