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About the founder of Military-Today.com, Andrius Genys

Andrius Genys

Andrius Genys, founder and editor of Military-Today.com website


   Hello my friend,


   I bet you would like to know more about me!

   So here I am: Andrius Genys - founder and editor of Military-Today.com website. Actually I'm one of the lucky few, who had the opportunity to turn a lifelong interest into profession.

   From childhood my interest in weapons, tanks, military vehicles and all other military-related equipment developed. At some point this interest transitioned from hobby to profession.

   Are you ready to hear backstory of Military-Today.com? In 2000, when popularity of the internet was increasing, me and my friend established a military-related website. As far as I recall it was first launched as weapons.0golf.com. I began writing about various weapon systems. Back in 2000 there were only several decent military-related websites. Most of them had very little content. Their quality of information was poor. Their appearance and graphics were poor. They lacked quality images. So back in the early 2000s I already saw the need to improve the way how weapons were presented online.

   Since 2000 my co-project was constantly improving and changing names. It was known as Arms.Host.sk, ArmsWorld.tk, and under other names. At some point its name settled down as EnemyForces.com. The website already had nice graphics, high-quality images (mind again 800x600 was a big deal at that time), and covered lots of weapons. At the time most other websites had none of these features. So I'm writing about weapons for the last 17 years.

   I always had a passion for military. I was attaining various militarized training courses and training alongside with the soldiers since when I was a teenager. So I'm not one of those who have seen weapons only on pictures. In 2002 I attempted to joined military academy and become an officer, however eventually I failed due to unsuccessful circumstances. That was a turning point in my life, when I focused on writing on weapons and military equipment, rather than becoming an actual officer.

   As the website was growing up, there were growing up tensions between its founders. My friend and partner was very good at programming and online graphics, but had totally no interest in military. He was more keen on developing websites on other subjects, such as cars and so on. At the same time I had a much greater vision of the website, which could not not be realized within EnemyForces.com frames. So at some point I decided to go on my own.

   In 2006 I began my own work and founded Military-Today.com website. At that time it was an evolution of EnemyForces.com. I took the best layout solutions, and the way, how the content was structured. Also I improved many things. Back in 2006 the Military-Today.com was among the first websites of its kind, if not the first one, to embed video clips on its pages. Even though this concept was not new, but in 2006 it was a cutting-edge feature. Back then YouTube was just a startup that no one ever heard of. My goal was to improve how weapon systems were presented online. Also my knowledge in English improved significantly since 2000s.

   Actually I speak fluently 4 languages. Also there are some other languages that I can read and understand at least some bits of information. Knowledge of languages allows me to access information that is otherwise inaccessible to the others. Most importantly knowledge of languages allows me to access primary sources of information, rather than its interpretations by various websites and blogs. Throughout the time my goal was to provide readers with independent, accurate and unbiased information.

   Since 2006 the Military-Today.com website becomes more and more popular. It is likely that this website is a work of my life. Even though it already has more than 1 700 articles, I am committed to expand this website significantly. Currently I'm raising funds to add new articles, further improve appearance and graphics of Military-Today.com website. You can donate for development of the website here.

   Since 2012 I published more than 20 e-books on weapons, armored vehicles and other military-related equipment. These e-books are published under Military-Today.com brand. You can buy them on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and some other most popular bookstores.

   In 2015 more than 2.6 million unique visitors, who came to Military-Today.com to access information. Website was steadily overtaking its competitors and wading its way to one of the most popular military-related website of its kind. With the help of military experts like Blacktail, Zaal Tchkuaseli, The Tiger, and Miguel Miranda, Military-Today.com managed to overtake well established competitors, that have huge staffs.

   2016 was an important year for Military-Today.com. It was its 10th anniversary. I was very surprised to learn that there are people who actually grew up together with this website. During the year 2016 there was a slight growth in visitors and nearly 2.7 million unique visitors came to Military-Today.com to access information.

   Today it is one of the most popular military-related websites on the internet. Furthermore it continues to grow as a snowball rolling down the hill. New articles are being posted regularly. A number of fans, who help and support me with this project, is constantly growing. People like you donate for the development of this website, buy e-books, submit articles, send pictures and information on the latest weapons. I appreciate it a lot. With your help I am committed to expand this website significantly.

   If you have any ideas, proposals, or would like to help, you can contact me on militarytoday@hotmail.com




   Andrius Genys

Andrius Genys

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Andrius Genys

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Andrius Genys

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Andrius Genys

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Andrius Genys

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Andrius Genys

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