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Andrius Genys    Andrius Genys. I am founder and editor of the Military-Today.com website. Actually I'm is one of the lucky few, who had the opportunity to turn his lifelong interest into profession. From childhood my interest in weapons, tanks, military vehicles and all other military-related equipment developed. At some point this interest transitioned from hobby to profession. I'm writing about weapons for the last 17 years.

    In 2006 I established Military-Today.com website. It is likely that this website is a work of my life. Even though it is already one of the leading military-related websites, I am committed to expand it significantly. More...




Blacktail     Blacktail is a military expert from USA. He is an author of numerous articles, published on Military-Today.com website. His knowledge regarding weapons and military equipment is simply astonishing. However Blactail is a very mysterious person, who prefers to keep his identity in secrecy. More...


The Tiger    The Tiger is an author of many articles published on Military-Today.com website. This pen name hides another mysterious author from USA, with great knowledge of weapons and military technology. More...


Zaal Tchkuaseli    Zaal Tchkuaseli is a journalist and military expert from Georgia. He is an author of numerous articles, published on Military-Today.com website. He writes about various military machines. However particularly Zaal has great interest in aircraft and helicopters. More...


Miguel Miranda    Miguel Miranda, writer by profession form the Philippines. He is a founder and editor of 21st Century Asian Arms Race website. Miguel wrote numerous articles for Military-Today.com. More...



   Here are other people who wrote articles for Military-Today.com website, or helped in other ways to develop this project:


   DireWolf505 - another mysterious helper, who proof reads articles before these are being published. He is keen on spelling and grammar, but also has surprising knowledge of military hardware.

   Rahul Singh Dhari - has a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. Rahul is from India. His specialization is composites and impact mechanics. Rahul is working on projects related to ballistic impact and blast loading of structures. Currently Rahul is trying to secure a PhD position in order to take his research even further.

   Sergey V. Gurov - Expert on artillery rocket systems from Russia. Author of numerous books. Sergey works as an engineer in the Russian Splav enterprise - the world's leading manufacturer of artillery rocket systems. He is a founder of Rbase.new-factoria.ru website, dedicated to missiles and artillery rocket systems.

   Rakesh Nair - a Master of Technology in the field of Engineering from India.

   Ehsan Ostadrahimi

   Mark Soo

   Anindya Galih Wibisono

   Mane Radakovic

   Savo Ukropina

   Prem Joshi

   Predrag Mrdjen


   Aaron Warnke (Vickersindependent) - armored fighting vehicle modeler.

   Ali Mohammadi

   Mike Ennamorato

   Milos Sijacki

   Steven Downs

   Vladimir Moncol

   Henrik Blom

   Tansi Attah


   There are many of other people, maybe even you, who had their input in this website. And this number is constantly growing.

   Feel free to send us your articles, as well as information, pictures, videos, other material and ides to [email protected]. Your help is appreciated a lot.










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